Gemini Girls

backing up to our double birthday saturday.
our first fête du jour was for our dear friend Miss Kat!
we headed out to West Van's newest Community Centre.  we were late and the traffic throughout downtown certainly did not do us any favours, but we made it nonetheless and just in time to sing Happy Birthday

we arrived around 12:30pm and the party was 11:30-1:30 so we didn't stay too long.  however, we had until 4:30pm to hang around until our next party so we joined the party girl at her home in North Van for some chill hangouts. 
 one boyfriend
purple ombre.  NOM.
FYI Mama Tera slept two hours prepping everything for the big day
 we missed the sweet face painting session
Kat was hoping chloe's little legs would be strong enough to Flinstone the car all over the play area with Kat riding the top.  kevin came to the rescue.
 balloon slide chase races
 love love love love love this girl
dear non parents.  one of the reasons you will ALWAYS be late is because every non-flat surface must be tried tested over and over until someone bails.  good times and good luck.
after a lovely afternoon at Kat's, we said our good-byes and headed to Jericho beach for Saara's Surprise birthday party BBQ.  we met with her mom and Leila, and friend Natalie with her daughter Justine in the parking lot before walking over to where Saara and Nick were enjoying the view.
 she was a little bit surprised
tee hee hee
mom love
 smothering hugs
hat trick
we started off with some chips, salsa and fruit
 i look forward to the rest of my life with this super silly guy of mine
 and watching the relationship between these two deepen more and more
we moved onto and amazing salad with delicious mint vinaigrette, BBQ salmon, quinoa salads, kabobs, smokies, potato salad.  everything was so yummy!!!!  i ate all the salmon.
gluten free chocolate cake for the birthday girl!
 birthday wishes
 birthday kisses
party hats and party cake
 saying our goodbyes
nose rubs
 this photo cracks me up.  at first i thought it was horrible and but i couldn't stop looking at it.  after a few more times of trying to see something in it, a smile stretched across my face.  this must have been what we looked like the first day we met one another in Thrifty's 4 years ago.  just for a split second moment in time before exchanging a single word, this must have been the connecting gaze where we both thought in our foggy early mom days, "look at this chick.  she is a babe.  i want to be her friend" (CUE MUSIC: Ah-haha haaaaa...)  i remember being lured by her lashes and feeling like it was definitely a valid reason to ask this stranger to exchange numbers.  so now this really strange photo is now one of my favourite photos.
 fob momz fo lyfe
chloe drove us home...

this was a really good day.


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