Golden Noodle Birthday

it's been birthday week for KLF.
we saved her present for another day so it could be better enjoyed.  she's had the golden noodles that kevin makes based on my Popo's recipe and she loves them.  we didn't think she would be able to enjoy them properly at the park with a big crowd, so we had them over yesterday evening for some quality time.

it was a busy day.  lindsay would be arriving around lunchtime so we could design new mini business cards to hand out at events.  still trying to catch up with photos to blog, the house kept getting the poop end of the stick, so after i dropped moses off at school, chloe and i grabbed more groceries and headed home to do as much clean up as possible before pick up time/lunch.

i managed to do a reasonable clean that brought the house from 30% to 65% which is a lot of work but still a far cry from presentable.  SIGH.  c'est la vie.

the kids were well behaved though i felt horrible that moses kept whining for us to play with him.  by the time we were ordering the cards, chloe had woken up and it was a race to get the order through and maintain chloe's beastly temper post-naptime.
they turned out great.  can't wait to see the finished product.

lindsay departed in her little 62 vw bug just as KLF & Milos arrived.

 you are looking at the future Hugh Hefner
displaying her Hello Kitty bling with her loose polka-hearts fluffy pink robe
 my luck in life is overflowing.  shamed by how spoiled i am.  amazing friends.
amazing food
by an amazing man that requests i entertain guests instead of help him cook
can you tell how excited she is?  i love it. 
 The Shoveller
 The Mulcher 
 the poor floor that i had just vaccuumed and steamed 4 hours earlier
 this is the way we wash our hands wash our hands wash our hands
 princess castle by mom and chloe
 really like the moody lighting in these ones
 i really enjoy taking photos of our creations.  i enjoy creating creations.
 MK are memorizing cheese recipes while key yearns for Design Within Reach
mini sketches
ninja stars by moses
  and this is for real:  kevin created this flower design in one corner 
 while Milos created this one in another corner... at the exact same time.
 and then we took a break for some Nectarine, Rhubarb, Blueberry and Rum Crumble.  
Homemade and gluten free by mr kevin
this was wretchedly horrible in every sense.  i'm going to have some as soon as i finish this post so that he doesnt' have to eat it by himself later tonight. 
 Cait dropped by just in time for a bowl of crumble and brought along the littlest and newest MacGregor
 what a goofball

also.  lindsay showed me a new blog and it's stabbing me into the ground.
i love it and hate it the perfect amount to inspire me to push harder and exercise my creativity

youth is wasted on the young


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