Happy Birthday KLF!!!

so much work and so much catching up while new things are constantly being added to the pile.  it's ok, all the hard work has been paying off and what else would i be doing anyway?  i love everything except not having the option to edit in places other than this same chair that kills my knees.  we arrived back on monday and within the first 5 days i did 3 "newborn" sessions and a 3 generations/family session.  

you can't imagine how much i was looking forward to sunday's birthday party in the park for one of my very best buddies, KLF.  Kate-Lynn Flannagan, Kate, the Flan, Flannie...
 we arrived an hour late just as our lovely hostess finished setting up.  chloe ran through the tall grass with a bouquet of bright fuschia peonies.  
popsicles, drinks, and a chill crowd
the happy couple
yummy spread complete with desserts

 my boys
 and my cupcake girl
 the decorations made for the perfect badminton net
 moses always knows how to entertain himself  
 whereas chloe waits to be entertained
comme ça
there's still a little Paris in everyone
 KLF sneaking kisses in the tree with the Bear
 and MORE CUPCAKES!  kitty karrot kupcakes with kream cheese!!!!
 nom nom nom
KLF wins the cupcake eating face
yup.  she definitely wins hahahha
 back to her place for homemade pavlova cake!!!!
  seriously jane.  you really outdid yourself here.  SO DELICIOUS!!!!
birthday wishes
sheepishly inhaling another cupcake
 old broads
 sweethearts fo lyfe

happy birthday missy!!!!
it's 12:01 ahhhhhh i missed the deadline!!!!!

see you tomorrow


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