5 Crazy Days with The Pauhaus

it's been nothing but hectic since we returned from our little vacay in Cali.  actually it began even before we left for Cali with momo's birthday party followed by a joint effort for Johnny Tomorrow!  lindsay, neil and Michael left the busy city to congregate in our tiny condo and get some crazy photos for Michael's Johnny Tomorrow performances for this upcoming summer.
in search of inspiration, i came across these images in an old W magazine that i've been holding onto since March 2008.  the year i got knocked up.  wow.
Fashion God and Photographer Mario Sorrenti joined with Fashion Editor and Stylist Camilla Nickerson to create some wildly intense images for a spread of short Grecian-inspired evening dresses in this edition of W magazine
these images felt perfect.  i loved the smoke and the multi coloured lights that spoke to my own idea of space and finding oneself in another world.  i sent them off to lindsay and michael and they were in.
we set up the backdrop, tested the smoke machine from mutual buddy Dustin, did a few test runs with gels on both our lights while Neil and Kevin went out to buy beers and groceries for dinner, and waited for Michael to arrive from work.  
this was crazy and SO MUCH FUN.  it was nuts having our home filled with orange and purple tones and smoky haze flooding and dissipating throughout the evening.  the kids watched 101 Dalmations and we all took a break for dinner and ate on the floor.  wish i had photos of that...  
 these are my faves with my own edits though photos taken by miss lindsay
this was a really fun image to play with

next step is creating the final edit for the poster and designing the poster text

fast forward past our Cali vacay, we arrived home monday evening, and gunned it out to Langley to meet Katherine's freshly baked bun the next day.  presenting the lovely Lady Danger to be:
 Marilyn Rose Van der Mey
born May 11th, little Mare is just over 2 weeks here with her toosh in the air
 this girl is going to call ALL.THE.SHOTS.  be afraid Katherine.  she is YOUR daughter...
 first days of motherhood for my babely buddy.  it's not fair that we can't remember these days through the fog that comes with the sleep deprivation and the exhaustive repetition of rocking, feeding, and changing all day long.  i wish i took more videos and photos.  i wish there were more photos of me with the babes when they were so fresh and tiny.  never enough photos of mama.
the following day, WEDNESDAY, Kasie came over with her boys for a few shots of Luca Ancona just before his 1 month anniversary!  
Kasie is a miracle mom.  she's got 4 boys and she is still beaming with the youthful glow of a 16 year old.  her sense of humour slays me, i kind of wish we had met in our pre-baby party days.  i bet it would have been a total riot.  what a crazy ride it's going to be to watch all these little curly haired Romeos grow up and break the hearts of every single girl in Tsawwassen.
THURSDAY.  wednesday, Emily dropped off 20 tank tops for me to silkscreen for her bachelorette party that weekend aka Friday morning.  thursday evening while kevin cooked dinner, i set up the design on illustrator, printed it out and traced it onto meat-packing paper.  after dinner, kevin cut out the design to create the stencil (he is super anal so that is definitely his job...)  we put the kids to bed and at 10pm, we set up the silkscreen and by some miracle, we pumped out the 20 tanks, EACH ONE PERFECTLY SCREENED.  unreal.  totally unreal.  and they turned out FABULOUS.
 LOL i forgot to mention that all the penis cookie cutters in vancouver are all backordered so kevin also molded one out of stainless steel, after rolling one edge over so that the cookie maker did not have penis shaped slices all over their palm. GENIUS.  i wish i had the piece of paper where he had sketched a variety of penis shapes Super Bad style.  i walked into our bedroom to find this pad of paper on our bed and died laughing.
the stencil always looks SO COOL once the work is done and it is removed from the screen.  i wish i took photos of kevin screening but i had to work fast to insert paper into each shirt (to prevent bleeding through onto the back), then position each shirt, prep the next one while kevin screened, remove the previous shirt, hang it and repeat 20 times.  i was sweating like a pig.  it took us 1.5 hours.  i know that because we watched the new 21 Jump Street the entire time. 
 our house looked insane with 20 shirts hanging on both our couches and on the giant toy box
wish i could have made it.  the view looks amazing.  and i would have loved to eat dick cookies with emily.  who am i kidding i would love to eat them by myself...
remember my pregnant babelicious glamazonion neighbour?
 my inspiration for these photos came from this photo of Gisele by Patrick Demarchalier.  i loved the diaphanous drapery of this sheer gown, so light, airy and fluid.  we went more natural in terms of materials which worked nicely with the natural light.
love the wind in her hair in this one.  looking forward to future maternity photos.  i love working with the pregnant body, it's mesmerizing.  anyway.  Miss Glamazon had her second little dude May 16th, one week early!  Friday afternoon (after dropping off the tank tops in Ladner) i packed the car and headed over to Cait's mom's home to capture the newest addition to the MacGregor family
meet Ty's little brother Nate MacGregor!
 2 weeks old in these photos, he was such a sweet and cooperative little guy.  i can not get over how dark his hair is in comparison to his older brother's super blondie hair.
 mega munchkin face
 enjoying a few z's

i just need to remind you at this point that we got back from Cali on MONDAY EVENING.  THIS WAS MY FIRST WEEK BACK FROM VACATION!!!!  and don't forget, i was also editing photos to blog the 4 days of our vacation.

SATURDAY, i welcomed an old school classmate into my home for a very special 3 Generations and family session.  Karin and I attended both elementary and highshcool together.  we had a few close years when we were 7-8 years old.  i remember her and Jen telling me how Chinese people didn't wear seatbelts.  HA!  you can imagine how my parents laughed when i tried to not wear a seatbelt and told them why...

we grew apart but maintained friendly exchanges throughout our school years.  with the advent of Facebook, we have continued to keep in touch.  my 4 Generations photos with chloe, my mom, her mom and myself inspired her to book a session with me.

Karin was one of the handful of classmates that attended my father's funeral.  i have the clearest memory of us meeting at the reception and how happy i felt to have her there for support after so many years.  sadly, Karin was faced with the loss of her mother last year.  this photo above is with her mother's sister and her grandma who is also fighting both Alzheimer's and cancer.

you can imagine how honored i was to take these photos.  
what i didn't expect was how i would feel once they left me alone to view the photos.  i cried for an hour.  i cried as the faces of of her grandparents together reminded me of my dad's parents and made me miss my Po-Po (grandmother) more than i have in a very long time.  the way she dressed and just the fact that they were old Chinese grandparents the same age as my own.   how it made me wish so hard that she could be here.  the happiest lady with the biggest laugh and the most generous heart.  her head would probably explode with pure saturated joy if she could meet Moses and Chloe.  she would probably make like a rocket and crash land on the moon.  

the best thing we have left is her golden noodles, which is literally THE SINGLE dish that the kids will shovel and inhale more willingly and more quietly than any other meal that isn't ice cream or cake.  they were my favourite that she would make for me whenever we had family dinners at her home.  i am so happy that they are now my kids' favourite.

so.  there you have it.  5 of the busiest days.  thank god for KLF's intoxicatingly wonderful birthday party in the park that served as my well deserved day off.

let's not do that again for a long time.



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