Last of Cali: Kids Session, Hipster Pho & Farewell

the end is near.  day 4 and 5.

we met little Luke and it was time to finally meet my sister's other nephew on D's side: Liam!  both little dudes are 9 months and what a very ideal stage for photos.  so sweet and agreeable, willing with only the need for a few breaks.  actually if it weren't for my children, we probably would have been fine with no breaks as mine were being uncooperative brats.   
yikes!  totally different editing tones going on here...  kev, as usual sat for testing.  probably on round 6 of drinks by the looks of it hahaha.  the kids got on in the action temporarily.
 lashes for weeks and the 9 month bunny teeth smile.  sigh.  i remember when moses had his bunny teeth.  his 4 year old face has turned his mini-buck teeth into tiny chicklets now!
  if you can't tell the gift that has been bestowed upon this little fella, see the photo below
seriously.  Shu Uemura lashes up in here.  his mother surely must have them in curlers overnight
the session was a gong show.  again, it wasn't little Liam, it was my children putting on a show.  my sister thought she had them under her thumb with bribes coming out her butt, but they didn't care.  the majority of the shots looked a little something like this.
this one totally makes my heart and ovaries go into overdrive.  moses and chloe are too close in age to show enough physical difference between their age gap.  not to mention their getting on, well beyond baby body stage.  seeing moses holding liam like this is killing me!  liam's chubby little toddler body accentuates the long languid limbs on momo and shatters my rose coloured glasses of denial that moses is still my little baby.  Crrryyy-y-yy-yy-ying over youuuuuuu...
this photo cracks me up so bad.  i think this is the one to print.  i know that framing this will continue to guarantee a laugh every time i look at it.  what is going on with momo's face???  liam touching momo's arm in the most peculiar fashion, though not quite as curious looking as chloe's gentle head blessing.  
 muffins. total muffins.
 we chilled the rest of the afternoon (probably over drinks and My Little Pony... the usual...) and then headed to Sunset Blvd for some Pho
 when my sister said we'd be going for Pho, i was looking forward to the typical hole in the wall that usually means it's the real shit.  this was not a hole in the wall.  this was "a vietnamese restaurant" called Blossom.
the place has two levels.  the upper level has windows that allow all the natural light to flood in with comfy bench seats and modern pull out chairs.  very clean.  very cool.
downstairs was a different story.  dim ambient lighting housed an entirely different set up for your eating experience.  at this point, i am grumbling over the fact that i did not have my flash with me in such a cool place with low light.  ARGH!  i guess it was for the better since people probably wouldn't appreciate having a flash go off for 20 minutes during their meal...
 vegetarian rolls
 spring rolls and a giant bowl of veggie pho
 kevin had his usual bowl of vermicelli.

the washrooms are tiny but very well kept.  with lovely hand soap.  does not smell.
love the hot pink neon sign against the evening sky and swaying palm trees

home.  kids in bed.  more drinks.  sleep.
  sigh.  bags packed and ready to roll.
  one last hurrah in the peaceful hammock of freedom
 me and the little butt
 maowing down on some mega watermelon slices
 taking it all in for the last time
i could not have asked for a better and more relaxing vacation.  the weather was lovely.  we missed the 105 heat waves and arrived for cooler early to mid 20 weather.  it was perfect.  i don't know how i live without my sister for 340 days a year when i still remember living in our family home together, having long talks together in my room, fighting for the single phone line (yes, before cell phones...) and whining about not having anything to eat.  we talk to one another often, sometimes everyday, mostly about the kids.  it's weird how life changes as you get older.  i have always loved my siblings and have been lucky enough to have a good relationship with both my brother and sister, but it's been really nice in the last couple of years to really grow a lot closer to them and recognize their importance in my life.  

there is nothing i can do to repay or express the gratitude in my heart.  your generosity exceeds that of anyone i know, though i certainly recognize its roots from so many of our family members.  i hope you know that in reversed situations, i would do the same for you.  you improve our quality of life in ways that can never be repaid, and for that i am forever grateful.  

that's a wrap.


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