The Pauhaus Wins!!!!

WE WON!!!!

The Delta Optimist, our local rag here in Tsawwassen and Ladner runs an annual Reader's Choice Awards for the best in the area, ranging from best grocery stores, coffee shops, and book stores to best services for dry cleaning and aesthetics.  my in-laws run Sublime, the local art supply store here in Tsawwassen have won the last couple of years and i decided to take a chance and see if i could round up enough votes to get The Pauhaus out there.

thanks to all the support from friends and family, The Pauhaus won for Best Portrait Photography!  one of Cait's friends had won in a different category and told her the good news.  her response was to ask me if i had received a phone call/email which i had not.  too nervous to call and ask, she ended up calling the paper later that day and SHE was the one to relay the wonderful news to me!  the only thing better than wonderful news is wonderful news from a good friend.  i squealed and rocked back and forth and jumped and danced like a fool around the house.  kevin had no idea what was happening and once i gave him the good news, he gave me his half smirk of congratulations as i expected he would.  i married a weirdo.  weirdos in love.

and as if i was not already riding waves of joy, they decided to do interviews with First Time Winners!!!!  aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

so yesterday morning (after a flurry of cleaning in between the insanely busy weekend), i shuffled the kids into their room with the iPad and welcomed reporter Dave and photographer Gord into my temporarily decluttered and lovely home.  the interview was quick.  Gord took a few different photos of me, on the patio with the kids and outside in our courtyard.  i am praying that i didn't say anything stupid and that the photo conveys my Phanie-ness.
anyway.  the kids and i went to the beach for a few hours to get out of the house.  chloe finally wore her third bathing suit from my sister so the camera was out.
  these beach days are the best.  we are total beach bums.  such is life in tsawwassen.
chloe napped and momo cooled down in his tutu watching Pound Puppies on the iPad

my mom arrived just after 6pm to take care of the kids because all winners are also treated to a Reception Dinner at Beach Grove Golf Club!!!  so kevin and i had a date night!!!  WOW!!!!
 food was great and i got drunk on half a glass of wine.  i stopped immediately.
they had door prizes.  kevin won this carpet and i got my plaque!!!  look how red my face is, god they better have photoshopped the red out of my face and the glaze from my eyes...

it hasn't even been a year and things are going great.  i'm really proud of myself and these long nights and busy schedules are proving to be worth it.  baby steps.  this is the first step.  i can't wait to see where i am and how much i will have improved by this time next year.  the passed 8 months have been brutal but i have learned so much and come so far.  i have overcome many challenges and collided headfirst with learning curves but i have also met so many great families and worked on some fun projects.  i can't thank everyone enough for the support i have received from the sidelines day in and day out.  this little piece of paper is not just a reminder of the long hours and handwork that have been invested, but also a reminder of all the love from family and friends that got me here.  this is just the beginning!  
as a thank you, i put all the names of those who voted in a draw for a free family session this summer.  i have had so many people request photos at the beach, i figure this is the best way to go about it.  i did the draw last friday and the lucky winner just happened to be Jessica, one of the mama's from Moses' preschool that i have come to know throughout the year!  CONGRATS JESS!!!!  feels good to win.
Billy Madison Generation

last day of school tomorrow
Winner Jess is hosting an end of the year party after class!!!


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