all work, looking forward to some play

i totally just had a freak out.
and screamed really loud.

thankfully my kids are pretty good sleepers.

i am totally overworked right now.
i can't wait to have a few days to myself, whenever that will be.
i don't have too much booked next week, but that just means open time to get back to editing photos for Mike & Ryan's wedding and finishing a business card design.  oh yeah, and not to mention reworking the flyers i did for Bois Joli in addition to creating a flyer...  

it's back to back to back projects and to do lists.
in between all my projects, i've been working on the webpage for the fundraiser as well as being in contact with more vendors for raffle prizes.

and doing my best to help Em with her wedding tomorrow.
i feel awful for not being able to do more.

and i spent almost 12 hours painting these guys for Le Soirees Events for a wedding this sunday.
started doing these at the Wolzen farm yesterday 
and then brought them home so chloe could nap, working on them from about 4pm til 2am.  UGH, i hate it when i underestimate my time.  they turned out pretty good, though.
 4 panels approx 2 x 8 feet.  i brought them over to my mother in law who so kindly spent her afternoon cleaning up the edges and sewing loops on the top and bottom to hang on a curtain rod and to insert dowels on the bottom for weight.
gotta get kevin to cut down the dowels as we got them slightly oversized just in case.
 my mother in law is a sewing machine (ha ha), her work is always so clean and tidy
always a perfect job with her.  i'm pretty sure that is where kevin gets his anality from.

SO.  i was supposed to drop these off earlier and head back to the farm to help with wedding set up, but i ended up getting a call from Taryn yesterday evening during the 15 minute break i took to eat dinner, asking if i would be interested in a paid gig for Moses.  of course i had to say yes.  i'm a glutton for punishment.  i stayed up til 2am painting and was up at 7am to get ready to drive downtown for 9am for moses to model some socks with a few other kids!
 we arrived on time.  the urgency and adrenaline of  something new and exciting helped peel me from my warm comfy bed and to sing my children awake with promises of ice cream.  
it was a simple set up with just 4 other kids
everyone was so friendly and the kids had a good time with little meltdowns.
they were willing and responded well to the photographer's silly requests
 chloe trying to get in on the action
 on the sidelines, watching the big kids
 doing a dance while the other kids kicked their legs in the air
both were rewarded with their promised ice cream!

tomorrow's wedding is going to be out of this world beautiful.  i relaly really can't wait.  and although i will have my camera around my neck, i am so relieved i am not their photographer and that if i choose, i get to sit back and enjoy the festivities.  i can't wait to show you the photos!  i've been snapping photos of the setup the past two days in between helping and things are looking incredible.  so many fabulous details, all put together by one very amazing mama, Khara.  i can't wait to show you all the work she has done to make this day happen.


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