delirious and still going

delirious with joy and gratitude
delirious with exhaustion

i've really been pushing and pushing and pushing myself.
my head is tripping on itself and honestly, i feel like even after sleeping from 1am-945am today i still need a nap.

everyday has been go go go, 16 hour days with To Do Lists that just keep multiplying by the minute.

our Fundraising has been outstanding to say the least
we are currently at
and we still have 12 more days to go before the actual event.

there is much to do in preparation for the big event.  thank god for KLF and her planning abilities.

yesterday was the first of the three movie nights, held at Winskill Park.
kevin helped me to make 38 cookies to hand out to spread the word of our Fundraiser at the next movie night.  thanks to Andrea at Lotus Events for lending me these amazing cookie cutters!  we will be sure to make a much bigger batch for the big day!

kevin made the dough at 11:30pm the previous night.  i didn't sleep until almost 3am.  we were up at 9:30am at which point we had breakfast and kevin madly rolled out, cut & punched, baked and cooled all 38 cookies while i madly punched 118 buttons for lindsay because

Noon - BBQ at my Uncles for his and my Lola's birthday
Kevin would drop us off and drive into Vancouver to drop off the buttons for Lindsay prints for Tara.

After the lovely BBQ with a handful of family members, we dropped by Oakridge to drop off Sponsorship Form to try to get a donated prize for the raffle from David's Tea and then to Daiso in Richmond to search and buy cellophane bags for the cookies...

...that i immediately began bagging with info tags and taping with washi tape (stuffing leftover dinner into my face for 5 minutes) just in time for us to walk up to Winskill with the kids in the wagon and distribute to the crowds.

there was literally not a minute to spare.

we didn't get back home til 10pm at which point i still showered with the kids since they got so dirty throughout the day.

it was the first time i actually just passed out on the bed for a good 45 minutes before loafing on the couch for another hour or so.  i was literally unable to move.

i can't believe it's only been 5-6 days since we launched on tuesday.  wednesday was a quick breath of air before Thursdays 2 hour clean up and 4 hour button making & poster revising with Michael before heading into Vancouver for an engagement shoot with Caela and Brian where i didn't get home until midnight.

i am seriously seriously seriously mega burnt out.

so i'm just going to post a bunch of random photos from everything from the week here, ok?  i can't think and it's midnight and i just got home after a 2 hour late night mama's hangout and brainstorming with Erin from Our Little Flower Company for the fundraiser.

day one of the fundraiser,  in 24 hours we raised $700
i met with one of the moms from Franc Depart and her hubby and little man Kieran to discuss a potential future project.
home, work work work clean clean clean
bank appointment at 6pm
dinner at Nikko Sushi
home: work work work (fundraiser, going through and marking and doing first batch editing of Mike and Ryan and Emily and Mike's wedding photos, blogging)

woke up and madly cleaned for about 2 hours before Michael arrived to do Johnny Tomorrow buttons and posters.  he arrived, i made lunch,  we ate lunch, we banged out 200 buttons then sat in the office going over the posters and making final revisions.

he drove me into Vancouver and dropped me off at Caela's house to do their engagement photos.
 sneak peeks from Jericho Beach
we took a break just before 10pm to have dinner at Tacos.  went to Cambie Bridge to try getting a few more.  got home at midnight.

my "half" day off.  usually when i say a day off it means nothing with a tight deadline, but still needs to be done before more projects pile up.  photos,  and this business card that has been through it's first approval stage and needing to be finalized...

don't forget that i have children.  i was just going to stay home again.  i feel horrible,  they have been cooped up a lot lately.  so i took them to the beach for a little bit and hung out with Stephanie Mayorga who invited us to join.

invited the Hastie's for dinner and went grocery shopping.  arrived home and immediately began prepping so that the roasted chicken would be ready in time.  making calls, updating the fundraiser info,  going through Caela and Brian's photos and chastising the children in between.  they weren't coming.  kevin arrived and allowed me to work with less distraction while dinner cooked and the children ran amok.

the Hastie's ended up at Centennial and invited us to join.
i never ever ever tire of this beach and all it's summer glory
moses finally got the chance to fly his kite from his birthday!
the answer is yes.  YES this is really happening right now.  or rather it really did happen.
 two peas in a pod.  this is Emily and I as 2.5 year olds!
  D out from the water and warming up 
moses would not throw me a bone.  sorry MC.  kev helped them to make a moat.
girls chilled on the blanket with tunes, wine, chocolate, blueberries, and snackies while the dudes engaged in various boy activities from skipping rocks to batting them with a field hockey stick
wish you were here...


up late and after giving kids cereal with no milk because we were all out, kevin did the cookies and i did lindsays buttons.  i pinned them at top speed in the car.  kev dropped us off and dropped off the buttons and returned to join us for my Lola and Uncle's birthday BBQ
this lady has some crazy insane stories that i will share with you another day.  things that include feeding monkeys to her children and scaring an elementary teacher shitless with her rifle.  back in the Philippines of course...
 letting Chloe blow out all her candles
 my cousin Rianna invited us all outside for a birthday surprise which included throwing confetti at my Lola and then having the kids spray my uncle with water!!!!
this was totally hilarious
chloe got in on the action as well.  i miss water guns. 
 we came home late (Oakridge & Daiso pit stops).  i really wanted to try to catch some of the air show down at Boundary Bay but we came into Ladner during the last ten minutes at 4:50pm.  we could see one plane in the distance doing some crazy stunts.  NEXT YEAR FOR SURE.  i immediately set up to pack, sprinkle, label and washi tape 38 cookies for the first Movie Night.
 these are some of the best ones...  not bad for a last minute panicked first run!
i'm in love with these and i need to scour the internet to find my own set of these discontinued customizeable message cookie cutters 
 we charged up into town with the kids in the wagon.
free bouncy castle and slides for the kids.  $2 popcorn for the movie.

 the kids had a blast
 chloe got her face painted
 i snuck a few shots in between handing out the cookies and spreading the word
 originally i was taking a photo of just the girls, but the boys wanted in on the action too
everyone setting up their chairs, sleeping bags, and even a tent for the showing of The Goonies!
 eagerly awaiting the night...

it's 2:09am
but i had to get all of this out.
i have a family beach shoot with Jessica Ward who won a family session for voting The Pauhaus happening on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday hitting up Rangoli with my cousin Nik

getting absolutely as much confirmed and planned possible for the Fundraiser before we leave Thursday for an island wedding Friday, returning Saturding to shoot a second wedding then attending an afternoon family BBQ and an evening birthday BBQ on sunday.




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