Family Finally

remember when i wasn't working and my photos were quiet days with family and friends?
those days still exist but sometimes they feel lost in the forest of all the projects that have been growing rampant like wild weeds.... wild weeds on steroids.

it has been nice to be back home.  i've been working my butt off since i got back from the weekend wars, but at least i can always count on kevin to create a lovely dinner for us to all share.

moses suggested we have a picnic on the patio.  we were all happy to join him.
 roasted pork.  blueberry cucumber goat cheese salad.
 he keeps growing.  he is still as beautiful as ever.
self tattooed feet by cocobear
 you know... i sit here well into the early hours of the next day all the time.  anywhere from 1-2:30am.  i wake up as early as 9am.  sometimes earlier but i'm never out of bed before 9am...  i can't do it.  somehow 7 hours of sleep isn't enough even though i used to do it ALL THE TIME throughout highschool and post-secondary.  i guess that's what happens when you hit 30.  anyway.  i don't know how this guy does it.  he usually doesn't last later than 130am and still is up at 7am.  i don't know how he does it.  works all day and comes home and makes us dinner 90% of the time.  and just pulls it out of his ass.  i don't know how he does it but we are damn lucky sunzabiches. 
 despite what you might think, chloe is actually saying
 and then there is my child, attempting to use his foot to fork his food.  i know i know, what kind of mother am i.  well, sometimes i'm silly and immature and intrigued.  
 if this is what it takes for him to eat all of his salad, then so be it.  plus it really does make for hilarious photos to show him later on.  i promise i would never let him do this at the table...
 chloe & daddy
 being silly together
 until someone gets hurt...
and bites someone else back... sigh.  
she felt really bad.  but then bit his hand about 5 minutes later.  feeling even worse as her brother cried big fat juicy tears, she stood in front of moses, pulled down her pants and shaking her little butt tried to make him laugh "look moses!  look at my butt!!!!"  i was in shock and shaking with laughter.  moses did not find it funny but chloe and i had a riot.  like mother like daughter, i guess...
 my face was for dessert!  with plenty of cake to go around, i wanted to share some of my special Coco Cake birthday goodness with them.  they loved it, of course.
 i cut multiple sliver slices so they could have a couple and feel like they were having a lot
yummy yummy goodness!

sigh.  not sure why i decided to post this when i was about to go to sleep instead
happy i did.  so nice to share some family times again.



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