Farewell Neighbour Cait

i'm learning more and more about being a cancer these days...
right now i am neck deep in a ditch of sentimentality

My Dearest Friend and Neighbour Cait is no longer a hop and a knock a way.  true, she is a 10 minute walk away (kids time, i could probably make it in 5 on my own...) but like i said, "ditch of sentimentality"...

last night was her last night here at our condo and i am going to miss having their lovely family around.  when we moved here, back in November of 2009, she was pregnant with Ty and i was constantly checking out Neighbour Rob.  i was giggling like a school girl down the hall when i knocked one time and he opened the door without his shirt.  true story.  now i can only thank Rob for putting up with my knocking at all hours of the day including stealing precious time from him and cait during summer patio nights.  kevin feels your pain...

we didn't really talk much until after Ty was born, but i definitely remember the evening she came over to show him to us when they arrived home from the hospital.  i remember squealing over him and i remember thinking how long it would be until he was old enough to play with moses...

a month later, i was pregnant with chloe and i remember telling her how my mom was going to kill me.

it's been amazing to see both our families grow... and grow together!  i know the kids are going to miss each other...  they have just reached the age where they are all old enough to play together and WITHOUT constant supervision!!!  they get super excited when they hear Ty out on his patio and i have grown accustom to having Ty pop in and join the craziness of our home.  moses, especially has developed a daily habit of asking me to see if Ty is home to ask if he can come play.  my heart  melted the first time i addressed me as Stef, when he seemed to be a lot more comfortable around me.

if you don't know, Cait is the one that got me started on cooking.  if only i had known she was an amazing cook before cobbling a sad little breakfast of eggs and toast and a smoothie soon after she had Ty.  thankfully she was delirious enough in new mama land, that she was willing to eat anything...  she is the one that set the ball rolling and i thank her so much for it.

I LOVE FOOD.  but cooking has always been another thing.  eating and cooking, totally different.  especially if you love good food.
i will miss our communal dinners.  i will miss our texts asking for eggs, onions, garlic, cilantro, lemons and so on when it was too much hassle to drag the kids into town.  i will miss our texts asking "is Moses/Ty at your place?  i'll come get him in 10 minutes".  i will miss being the taster of recipes and recipient of leftovers and extras cupcakes!  i will miss our year round late night patio hang outs, bitching about the day, the week, and all the new brutal phases of our crazy children.

i will miss seeing their friendly faces in the hall, elevator and parkade and Ty's painting that has been propped up in the parkade which the kids always have to point out to me when leaving.  i will miss our more recent family walks to the nearby park to run the kids just before bedtime.

for condo living, they have really help to make the small cramped space a home.

here are a bunch of photos from the blog from our time together!!!!
when boxed cake mix was too overwhelming for me, she was over walking me through
yes, this is little tiny chloe bear at 15 months with her funny Mia Farrow hair
to my Dirty30 last month where she spent hours prepping, individually packing, labelling, and idiot-proofing each appy to be built onsite.  this woman is incredible.
Banana Oat Cake: one of the very first treats of many that she shared with us
having us over for waffles and fruit
incredible communal dinners

this taco buffet was super epic!!!!
with gluten-free churros for dessert! (yes with dark dipping chocolate...)
welcoming one another's closest friends and families into one another's homes, including numerous visits to Cait's moms home and where i could see where she grew up!
wine bottles and whine bottles
making friends over dessert
chloe and Ty's ongoing love-hate relationship

she has been my personal Tsawwassen guide, bringing me and the kids to her favourite places
Boundary Bay and Lighthouse Park
it's been a joy watching this boy grow into himself...
MacGregor boys: hockey, golf, and firetrucks
there have been so many good times with our three monkeys.  the boys bonded over Cars and Thomas
...and sports PJ's!!!!!  this is so awesome!!!
bottoms up!
how fast they grow, how different they look since last summer...
bundling up and heading out on cold park days for sanity
finally coming out of First Mom terror and deciding to have little Nate
i am sad that i won't be able to see him day to day because even now, he is growing way too fast!
such a lovely mama.  number two is definitely way more easier...
i don't know if i have mentioned how in love chloe is with Baby Nate...
so many many many lovely memories together

for being such a great part of our early family life
these are memories i will always always treasure when i look back on these early days



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