Local Picking

so this is a few weeks late now, but i still wanted to share these images.  these are my favourite things to blog about.  it's great that i am busy and doing photos for other people, but i really miss being able to just focus on our small family life with close friends and loved ones.  
  we joined Neighbour Cait with her rug rats in a visit to her inlaws residence here in Tsawwassen to pick cherries and raspberries for my Dirty 30 birthday party.  Cait and I joined forces with a ladder and managed to pick about 8 cups of cherries in about 15-20 minutes!  Bright beautiful perfect cherries.  a few handfuls in the bag and a few in our mouths or in our kids' mouths...
 chloe of course kept sneaking them and eating them with her back towards me
 look how much this little guy is growing up.  a perfect mix of his mama and papa
 they have about 3 x 8 /4x10 feet group of raspberry bushes just waiting to be picked.  they were soooo delicious!!!  the cherries were good but these raspberries were like candy from heaven.  one for me, one for the bag, one for me, one for me, one for the bag...  
 "piggy ears" is what she calls them
 this girl is so good, letting me take a few photos before gobbling up this lovely juicy gem
 Ty helping his Grandma pick some for their bucket
  seriously, check out these bushes!!!  a raspberry goldmine!!!!
 i'm so sad that they are going to be moving at the end of this month.  thankfully they are just across the street, but being neighbours has been so much fun for the past 3-4 years, seeing each other pregnant and watching our kids grow and become friends.
 these are really good times
caught redhanded.....AGAIN.

took some really cute photos tonight at Centennial with the Hastie clan
can't wait to post those guys!!!

thank you to all my loyal followers.  both those that i know and do not know.
i know you are out there because i still get "coming out" messages every now and then

thanks for the encouragement.  i hope that i continue to offer you a place to put your mind at ease during those late night feeds, or during those groggy mornings when you are trying to wake up, and that my honesty relieves any stress you might be feeling in your own heart.  it's always so nice to know we are not alone in our struggles, that there are many of us with the same worries and frustrations.  

until next time!


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