Oh Canada!

Canada Day was jam packed.
there is no rest for the wicked, i tell ya.

1. Annual Canada Day Festivities at Dolphinbaker/Diefenbaker Park
2. Eve's 2nd Birthday Party in New West
3. BBQ with the Stones in Vancity

we did all three and we wrung out every last second of sunshine out of the last day of the long weekend heat.  thank goodness we spent Sunday indoors, otherwise i don't think we could have survived three days in a row of beating sunshine.

 we started off with a nom nom brekkie, leftover quinoa burger patties broken down and scrambled with eggs on a bun with peashoots, bacon and tomatoes
 we scaled down the hill in our red and white get-up 
face painting...
 an ecstatic Leila, Canada Flags...
 and waiting in line for popcorn!
we ran into many of our local friends throughout the day
chloe had a complete riot at the waterpark... if you couldn't tell 
 Leila also found herself cooling off at the watermark 
Kobe and André from Franc Départ
 after about 10-15 minutes of bullying my child 
 he finally realized i just wanted him to have fun
 and of course he didn't want to leave
 don't know who this total weirdo is and Kobe is understandably freaked out
i was trying to get a photo of chloe with the 3 flags in her hat but she ran away only to climb into this tunnel and pose for me!!!!  shocked and not shocked at the same time
we finally headed back up the hill to the car
another fantastic year at Dolphinbaker
next year moses will be as tall as i am...

(will post separately)

onto our little mini family BBQ at the Stones' in Van
 we made it just in time for dinner!  so relieved to move from large crowds and sunshine to a more low key environment in the cool shade!
 the kids went crazy on the mini trampoline
 this was the exact same one i used to have as a little kid except the leather on ours was brown
 these are for my sister and the other cocobear fanatics...
 really there was no way of choosing just one or two
 especially because she's asking WHY? in every single one LOL 
Happy Birthday Dear Canada!!!!
 this is what you would call "patience"
 spitting all over the cakes
 oh man!  just remembered we forgot to bring some home!
 next year, these kids won't be able to fit on this couch together...
  Curious George and cookies, waiting for the fireworks at Nat Bailey
 they started early before it got fully dark
 Dear F1.4 ... I LOVE YOU!!!!
  gotta figure out how to take photos of fireworks
 the kids loved the fireworks and asked to go back to Nicole's for more...
nice lighting
stop growing Moses...
 that goes for you too, Chloe Bear


that means i have more time to try and get through the other 70% of my To Do list
from today.  

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend



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