Shaving Grace

i can't remember where or exactly how long ago i found this video, but it was this video that really touched me and got this ball rolling for what is now becoming a reality.  i kept wondering on and off if i could do it...  and then it dawned on me that my dad's 10 year anniversary was coming up.  it was a long process of committing but i finally decided it was going to be the right choice.

in between editing batches of photos and designing flyers, business cards, painting backdrops for a wedding and a series of other creative projects, i have been connecting with Wigs 4 Kids, the BIA of Tsawwassen, TinyKick and a small group of close friends to put on a small scale fundraiser next month.  if you are new to the blog, this August will be the 10th anniversary of my Dad's passing from  cancer...

tsawwassen hosts 3 movie nights every summer, this year being no different.  August 13th is my father's anniversary.  August 10th is the second movie night here in Tsawwassen and will be held at Diefnebaker Park.  i will be holding my fundraiser at the park prior to the movie with all the other vendors and participants.  the money raised will go towards my $3000 goal to help cover the costs of making a real human hair wig for children with cancer.  in addition to raising this money for such a worthy cause, i will be shaving my head and donating my long dark tresses to Wigs 4 Kids!

yes.  i am scared.
some days i can handle it and other days i wonder what i am thinking...
on the many days where i feel terrified, i remind myself that my hair is going to grow back.
i remind myself that my hair is going to a young girl whose hair may not grow back.
i remind myself that she will know someone did this for her, that the hair on her head is not made out of plastic or some other synthetic material that might melt in the sun.  it will have come from a real person with a real heart who has gone through ten years of growth since losing her father...

i know i could just do a short cut.  a Lady Gaga bowl cut from the Alejandro video or maybe a Miley Cyrus mohawk?  something edgy with some body or style, something i have always been afraid to do.

my dad use to get mad at us for doing a "half job" as he would call it.
i feel like getting a bob or alternative short cut would be a "half job"!

some people have asked me if i think my dad would really want me to shave my head.
my dad wouldn't care.  especially if he knew that it was going to someone else, a small child or young teen, to help provide a small slice of normalcy in their challenging journey.  really, it's a small price to pay for someone else's happiness.

admittedly, i want to prove to myself i can do it, i can handle it.  i want to face those hard days where i wish i could hide behind wavy curtains of coconut scented locks.  i want to challenge myself and my values.  hair is such a huge part of who we are.  it protects us and shields us.  it feeds our vanity.  especially as a girl who loves sparkle and shine and lipstick!  i'm going to miss it but i don't want my hair to dictate who i am and i definitely want to send that message to my own children!  leading up to my 30th, i have had time to reflect on how i feel about myself and i am feeling good.  i feel like i am who i am supposed to be.  i feel comfortable in my skin.  i want a new beginning and a fresh head of hair is a pretty good way to go!  i'm sure whomever ends up with my hair will agree!

i am currently working with TinyKick for my fundraising page which was supposed to be launched today but will be postponed until Tuesday!  so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in the meantime, until the launch, SAVE THE DATE, SATURDAY AUGUST 10TH, and come be a part of one of the biggest milestones in my life.  if i haven't met you or i haven't seen you in a years, please come join me.  and if you can't be there for this special day, please donate whatever you can to this cause!  i will be handing out mini rewards for everyone who donates depending on the amount, ranging from buttons, art cards, illustrated prints, and more!

the last couple of days have been spent calling and visiting local vendors and businesses to donate products or services for a raffle!  i am so happy at the smiles and generosity that have come so easy from people.  people so willing to give.  i will have my own area distributing rewards and raffle prizes leading up to the head shaving.

BUT, i can't give everything away here, so stay tuned for more info!
more exciting details to come...


  1. you are amazing and totally brave. and, you will always be gorgeous, with hair or without!

  2. i love you lyndsay. you have been such a great and supportive friend. thank you for always leaving me your sweet and encouraging comments <3 <3 <3 i'm really terrified!


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