Summer Visits

summer is definitely here.  the weather has been heating up and the kids are finally both at the age where they are very aware of the rising temperature, it's been day after day of lamenting over the heat whenever we are out with the car.  we have no A/C.  

rewinding a few days back to our weekend visit with Renée.  she's due on the 15th and it's been over a month since her baby shower, wanted to get at least one last visit before we meet her little one!
 love the light on her body in this underexposed photo
 moses hauled his backpack full of these wooden blocks
  Renée had just purchased this pool a few hours prior to our visit, knowing the weekend was going to be a hot one and her oven temperatures would be highly disagreeable.
 the perfect opportunity for the kids to have some fun in the water in a pool just their size
 trying on one another's sunglasses while chillaxing
 rowdy moses always looking for a way to disturb the peace
 upstairs neighbours chad and jess joined us for sunshine, shade, watermelon, pineapples, pomegranates, guacamole, ketchup and dill Old Dutch and cold drinks!  chad is currently on bed rest, if you are wondering why this young man is relaxing Cleopatra style on Renée's massage table with her SNOOGLE!!!!  (for those of you who don't know what a snoogle is, it is a G shaped pillow for pregnant ladies that provides support all the way around the wobbly bellied bodies...)
summer time = watermelon time
 oh look!  all the blocks are in the pool!
 Chloe helping to cool down Renées feet with the ice cold pool water
 more luxury
 the clock is ticking...
 we spent most of the afternoon at Em's parents farm in Ladner.  i didn't take a lot of photo, we were trying to do some planning and organizing for her upcoming wedding but the kids were fighting and splashing and crying and driving the mini tractor all over the yard.
 if only the internet wasn't a massive creep, i could post some of the hilarious things these crazy girls were doing in this antique metal basin.  this is as close to "high speed sync" i'm going to get.  it will have to do until my gear will allow me to blast out those harsh shadows.
 i feel like her face is changing so much these days...  she is a handful that's for sure.  she has been asserting herself more and demands rather than asks in a way that makes me sometimes feel like "yeah! i should totally be doing what you say!..... except that YOU ARE TWO AND WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!!"  this tone and confidence is going to go a looooong way when she is older.  it will probably also bite her in the ass every now and then.
"hang dry"

so summer has officially arrived and our weekends are all but spoken for.  shooting a wedding this weekend, two on the august long weekend and possibly another one at the end of august.  all of them are low key, casual weddings which is exactly the type that i will agree to do.  it will be the kids' first time camping this weekend, i'm super excited!!!!!

sigh.  gotta get these Beach Family Mini Sessions scheduled... and i'm going to stop there before i start listing the other 50 things i need to do!

hope you are your loved ones are enjoying a great start to summer!



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