Wilderness Wedding DAY 1

dear god i don't know how i am going to survive the next 2-3 weeks!

Dirty 30 Birthday Party at the Fairmont Pac Rim this Friday, we bought most of the groceries tonight to make the food.  so thankful for all the bitches running around and helping to make it a special night.  truly, thank you so much!  it's been years since i've had a "birthday" birthday.  

setting up launch for special fundraising event launch for next Thursday (more info after the weekend...)

took photos on our first morning back from camping for Bois Joli to update their website photos, before running the lens back into vancouver and chilling at KLF's.  have not even LOOKED at the photos yet, and still have to make a flyer for the school.

have a business card to push out by the end of the month.

helping to get stuff done in time for the Wolzen-Hastie wedding on July 20, next weekend as well as painting 4-5 panels 8'x2.5' for Lé Soirées Wedding & Events by the same date.

OH!  HA!  and i totally forgot that 6 hours after i check out of the hotel on saturday morning, hungover and mangled, i have my first Stagette for my lovely highschool friend Ashley!  SHE is getting married in 3 weeks on the island and i will be photographing her wedding and returning the very next day to photograph the wedding of my other friend Jimin whom i used to work with at the chocolate warehouse.

the week after those two weddings is my fundraising event.  

BUT.  not before i schedule the 8 families that have requested mini shoots at the beach here in tsawassen.

and if i can get these wedding photos from this weekend out to another inquiring client, I may also be shooting her wedding on august 24.

so. yeah.  this summer is over...

we went camping this weekend.  
it was our first camping trip as a family.
the last camping trip i went on was with kevin in 2004?
yeah.  once upon a time...

it was amazing.

i've been wanting to take the kids and expressed my enthusiasm with little expectation of any follow through.  it was only until i received a message from one of the sweetest and most genuine friend's i met at Emily Carr that got us packing!  Mike and his fiancé Ryan requested to hire me as the photographer for their Wilderness Wedding in Pemberton!

i could not say no.  i screamed at my computer.  i might have known they were engaged, but my mom brain being what it is, the happy news (if i even caught it on the fb feed...) got swallowed into the abyss.  whatever.  it really only made me all the more ecstatic to find out THEY WERE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!  having not seen Mike since we graduated in 2007 i was super excited to see him again after years of Facebook stalking.

reuniting with Mike!
photographing their wedding
photographing a same-sex wedding
going camping
going camping with the family
karaoke the night before
with the possibility of swimming in the nearby lake
the list of reasons i was bouncing-off-the-walls-with-excitement keeps going

my apologies for being away for so long.
i am going to do my best to get back on track here, so without further rambling, here are photos from our first day!
knowing we were going to be out in the great outdoors, i rented a wide angle.  makes our tiny Jetta look pretty spacious!
i can't tell you how great it felt to be out on the open road, winding back and forth alongside gleaming water and under towering trees, mountains and blue sky.  i felt all my stress melting away... 
 the drive was good.  the kids were well-behaved and chloe even napped!
 the only photo of kevin and i from this trip!  piss stop just outside of Whistler
 jumping for joy
 i'm turning into my mom.  i love scenery.
 we arrived.  we were directed to our camping area beneath skyscraping trees that kept us cool from the hot sun throughout the weekend afternoons. 
 we set up our tent, kindly lent to us from KLF and kevin immediately began carving the ends of sticks for weenie & marshmallow skewers
i miss this place so much already.  we watched as the other guests arrived and pitched their tents, parked their trailers or unpacked in their mini cabins 
 i took a walk, getting to know all the new faces that i would become much more familiar with during the next three days
we eventually found Mike who had arrived the previous day! 
 we took a stroll up the path leading to the clearing where the ceremony would be taking place
 we continued scoping out the area.  the train tracks across the highway leading to the lake
is this not the most beautiful frigging view you have ever seen?????  
  ran back to tell my family that i had seen the dock and that we had to go check it out after dinner.  i came across a passed out guest and our other Groom RYAN emerging from the forest with two fancy glasses with presumably delicious drinks to start off the evening festivities
 ketchup doggies
 love taking selfies with the wide angle... even if it makes my arms look like Stretch Armstrong
no idea what my son is doing but love how this shirt from my sister makes me look pretty good
M is for MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!
toasting perfection
 one of the musicians practicing
 more guests arriving
 me and the fam headed over the tracks to check out the dock and the lake
KAYAKS!  CANOES!  FLOATING DEVICES!  thank goodness we brought their lifejackets.  
kevin and moses out on the further dock with two chairs set up for easy living.
 soooooo uuuugggglllyyyyyyyyy.....  
playing with the off camera flash.  the water is only a couple feet deep here from the dock
kevin and moses busied themselves earlier, creating this tiny rock cave.  it was the perfect size for one of the mason jars i brought to house tealights. the kids excitedly strapped on their headlights that KLF also offered us along with the tent.  
love this pic
 fun playing with the flash again
 a nice homey touch to our picnic table
these guys went all out with lights and a garden of pinwheels!!!
 back at the party patio, drinks were had and the karaoke machine set up.  long gone were my karaoke days at the Legion.  nervous to sing, i drank... and drank too much... and made a complete ass of myself, wailing into the microphone with chloe on my hip since she REQUIRED me to hold her.  i think it's the filipino in me that thinks i can sing Whitney Houston...  all i can say is, thank god nobody took photos of me!  
 tragedy struck.  the cake maker would not be able to make it.  with the Swan cake decorations from Ryan's parents' wedding cake, the grooms put out a challenge to the crowd, giving $50 to whomever wanted to run into town and get ingredients to make a cake incorporating the swans!
and the karaoke continued into the night.  good times were had by all.  i drunkenly tried to pass out in the tent but was so wasted i went back and drank three cups of water.  i couldn't be hung over for the wedding the next day.  it would be a VERY long day!  i peed.  but not enough.  i got back to the tent around 2am and tried to sleep for an hour with a full bladder.  eventually i passed out and when i woke up, it was thankfully bright enough for me to run out to the washrooms! 

a very long but very VERY awesome first day

if there are typos and grammatical disasters

i have to go and think up ideas to make a piñata now...


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