Another Vancity Adventure: Granville Island and Rangoli

i've been waiting all for almost 2 weeks for this!
made a date with my cousin Nik to have lunch at Rangoli on South Granville
 i decided to take them to the waterpark at Granville Island before meeting Nik
weird being at my old stomping grounds.  i was excited to try this slide with the kids for the first time!
 here is moses looking happy as a clown.  about 30 minutes prior to this, he was in my arms, kicking and screaming to go home because he was tired while i looked like a jerk mom forcing my child to do something he clearly did not want to do.  what these other bystanders did not know is that my son has been nicknamed Moany Mo for a reason: he moans over everything.
AS IF HE WOULDN'T LOVE THIS MINI WATERSLIDE.  so kicking and screaming all the way up the stairs and waiting in line with a bunch of other kids, we inched closer to the slide.  i had already gone down with chloe at this point.  it was finally our turn and we coasted all the way down the chilly flow of water to the very end with a big SPLASH!
  "SEE!!!!  WASN'T THAT FUN?!!!" 
what a terd.  i went down with him 2 more times at which point he was fully into it and spent the next 45 minutes going down as many times as possible on his own until we finally had to leave.
 happy as a frigging clam.  and to think after showing him photo on the computer prior to leaving the house, he was moaning "i don't need my water shorts/shoes, i am just going to run around the grass..."
TRY IT.  YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.  applies to food and life.  suck it up.
i went down a bunch more times with chloe up until she decided she'd rather finish this bag of trail mix.
 we had a fabulous time.  my only regret is that i didn't take out my camera until much later, and i didn't get a shot of Emma and Gus who were at Mike & Ryan's wedding in Pemberton!  this is where i met Emma, when she worked at ECIAD.  her boy Gus is a year older than moses.    we'll be going to his birthday party in a few weeks!
 we arrived at Rangoli and the kids pounded back their shared Mango Lassi and naan bread
  could not be happier
 my cousin Nik and i downed cup after cup of housemade chai in these gorgeous mugs from 18KARAT just up the street
pakoras were delish.  
 spicy kebabs, pakoras and basically an indian version of 7 layer dip filled us to the brim

it was a perfect day until i realized at 3:30pm that i forgot to check on my car that was only allowed to be parked on the street until 3:00pm.  it was towed.  not cool but totally my fault.  Nik was kind enough to join me in bussing with the kids from Granville and Broadway down to Main and Terminal to retrieve the car.  the bus adventure was no problem having bussed the same route a hundred times in my eraly 20's, but the $88 was a kick in the pants.

it is 3:04am.  
i have been working on labels for Ashley's wedding this weekend.  we are to catch the 10:30am ferry tomorrow.  oh well.  then i packed all our things.  and tried on 10 outfits to wear.  and now i am finishing this blog because it was a fantastic day and i won't be posting for quite a while...



  1. i luv u. i`m so glad we could hang out with the kids and eat rangoli deliciousness! have a super blast weekend! xoxo


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