Back to Back Wedding Weekend!

i don't even know where to start.
last time we were here was... Rangoli right?  And getting our car towed.  c'est la vie.

so since then
3am went to sleep
woke up at 730am and jumped into the car to catch the 10:15am ferry, arriving at 8:30am to a ship already 80% full
 the kids were wide awake and excited for their first ferry trip
  waiting at the ferry terminal.  look at this crazy chick in her crazy outfit first thing in the morning.
my little goof
 top deck view
we arrive at Duke Point and take the two hour drive to the Groom's parents' home in Courtenay
the kids and i take a nap while kevin takes the winding scenic route to keep him awake
 we arrive at the stunning home  
with their stunning garden
and two huge bowls of homemade-over-two-days focaccia bread 
not gonna lie, i probably had 8 (mostly to counter the super savoury hickory smoked salmon appies)
the kids found the swing set.  let this be your first introduction to the incredible craftsmanship that goes into all the wood work this family produces.  the groom's father made these horse swings.  he also made wooden stick horses with hexagonal wheels on the bottom that spin over the ground instead of having a stick drag through the ground.  i did not get a photo of them.
Mister Rook swinging with the big kids
Ivan: The Groom
Ivan's twin brother, Andrew, and their father Robert
Father of the Bride, Mike, happy and laughing as per usual
Mamas of the couple Karla and Laura
The Rehearsal Dinner 
Salmon caught by Mike and 3 huge bowls of delicious mixed veggies, quinoa salad, and veggie slaw made by April, the groom's mama
 Everything was so flavourful and savoury, thank god there was more focaccia...
 The Bride!
 the evening ended with Death by Chocolate Cake and Raspberry Coulis
again another homemade creation by Groom's mother April
it was greatly enjoyed by all

everyone helped to clear the tables and we headed back to our hotel to shower and rest up for the big day ahead.  

i was going to stop here.  actually i did stop here and post this blog but i decided i might as well get the whole damn weekend over with otherwise i'm going to be backed up forever and ever!!!

so!  after many days of no posts, you get a Daily Double!

it was the most perfect day for a perfect wedding.  it was overcast all day which made my job a total breeze and just as we sat down for dinner, the clouds broke and gave us a pink sunset! 
The Wedding Party
we all had an amazing time
they had three kinds of tequila brought from Mexico.  so of course, this guy went to town again and couldn't remember where he put his keys.  he thought they were in his jacket that was locked in the car so we spent about 30 minutes with a coat hanger to open the car door only to find THERE WERE NO KEYS IN HIS JACKET.  we tried to search the grass and finally had to call it a night around 1:30am.

we got up at 5:30am.  we crashed at the house.  we searched the entire acre of property and finally found the damn key fob on the grass beside the bush where he had been sitting during the ceremony.  we had walked passed it a million times throughout the night.  we packed the car, carried and buckled the kids in their seats, drove to the hotel and collected our things from the room and began the 2 hour drive to the ferry terminal, arriving 2 hours early to ensure we had a spot on the 10:15am ferry so that we would make it back in time for Jimin &a Dara's wedding at 2pm!  TIRED AS FUCK.
back on the ferry...
this kid has got the most flawless skin

we made it.  we were about a half hour late, but i still arrived in time for the first of the 5 outfits Jimin would change into throughout the afternoon and evening! 
Serious Mega Babe all dolled up for the first of two weddings they would celebrate.  
this wedding celebrated Dara's Cambodian-Vietnamese culture.  
the wedding took place at Dara's parents' home with their relatives, friends and monks all gathered around inside and spilling outside the front and back.  the colours were explosive and Dara's mom had cooked up a storm in the kitchen where guests piled their plates throughout the many ceremonies.  it was a very crazy and intense wedding!!!  SO FUN!!!!!  
the food was so damn good.  i've been waiting 6 years to try Dara's mom's cooking! 
two delicious soups, fried rice, pickled veggies, honeycomb cake, sticky rice wraps...
if you don't know what the green stuff is, GOOD, i don't wanna share it with you.
the ceremonies finally over, we took a few photos with the Bride and Groom
and to think i use to bitch like crazy to my sister about this amazing woman
i met my match, my twin, who totally managed to swindle me into taking 3 shots of Remy 
 one with her...
 another with Jimin
 and the last one with Dara
i was sent home with two enormous ziploc bags of food.  

i was trashed in about 15 minutes flat
nobody believed me when i was being peer pressured into these shots that i am cheap as they come

the monster came out
there was slurring, beligerence, violence, inappropriate touching, sailor mouth... 
the works

after such a crazy exhausting weekend, it was the perfect way to end!



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