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life is good.  i can not tell you how much i am in love with this new look.  i love it.  i love it i love it i love it.  it feels so good on so many levels, i don't know if i will ever bother growing my hair out.  definitely not for a while.  i feel beautiful and confident and free.  i feel as if i can really do whatever i want, that there is no limit to life, that i can create my own life.  i feel whole.  i can't decide if it is the look or the deed that is giving me this feeling, but it doesn't really matter.  i have yet to miss my hair.   i have been revelling in this new look day in and day out.
there have been new sensations that will take getting used to.  it doesn't feel like i am missing anything.  physically it feels like i am wearing a hat.  a fitted invisible hat.  it is definitely more sensitive to temperature.  the first day the chills were unnerving, especially sitting outside for the movie night following the fundraiser.  the mosquito bites were not fun either.  i draped chloe's Hello Kitty blanket over my head for the rest of the night.  i won't lie, it also heats up very fast without hair.  my head felt crazy for the first day or two of adjusting to temperatures.  it would get cold, then my head would heat up to warm itself but then get too hot and disperse a light invisible sweat to cool down and then heat up and then cool down, heat and cool, heat and cool...

one thing's for sure: i need to buy more earrings.  YES!!!!!!!!

the next morning we headed to the Ladner Market for the first time this year.  our friends Leanne and Marc are living out in Chiliwack but travelled back to Ladner for a wedding.  (like i said, everyone and their dog god married on the Fundraiser night)  wanting to see them before they headed back to Land of Far Far Away, we met them at the market.
very excited to try these pre-packaged soups!  Em had bought a few that she showed me a few weeks back and i was really excited to check them out.  we picked up a Ginger Coconut Dahl, an Apricot Butter Chicken, and a Mexican Tortilla Soup.
beautiful soaps, plants, flowers, and produce for the taking
haven't had enough mojitos this summer, time to catch up...
we found them!
check out this snazzy couple.  you would never know they had a 2 year old monster HA!
good times
good tunes
and our good people at Stir Coffee House
  stopped by to say hello and Thank You to Rob for the raffle donation and to show him my new head!
  do not be alarmed.  his eye is restored, but he got one nasty bite among a handful of others that buggered up his poor face.  he was alarmed when he saw himself in the mirror.  the antibiotics have cleared most of it already, thank goodness!
i still feel like i can't recognize chloe's face.  moses i can get, i understand.  chloe is still a mystery.  i feel like i don't know who she is or how she got here... and how she has changed so much.  or is this just what happens with the second and consecutive children?
these make me so happy.  i never would have thought this would be me.  i am so blessed.
i love it.  it just feels like this is who i am, this is who i am supposed to be.  i feel like i am me.
kevin and i parted ways.  he took the van to drop off all the large props from the Fundraiser while i went to drop off Jade's scissors and razor that got left behind.  she was still with a client, so we dropped by a nearby park which just happened to be the park i once walked up to when moses was about 3 months old. 
 i remember walking for an extensively long time to try to get him to nap.  i came to this park with him in my Ergo, and i swung on these same swings.  4 years later, we are back and how life has changed.  
his smile warms my heart.  to think he was ever just a teensy tiny furry little baby...
time has no mercy.  i remember even less with chloe than with moses.  i remember nothing beyond the day by day.  the days of babies and toddlers are no more.  they are turning into people...
  i hope these two stay close, that they take care of one another throughout their lives
i am so happy to have all these photos to keep close to my heart
they will be so lucky to share them with their kids
i between the stressful and late hours of keeping up with posting everything from the big Fundraiser, our days have been very lovely.  we had a great morning/afternoon at the Ladner Waterpark with a gang of moms followed by our first visit to Westham Island, in search of the Organic Peaches.  we would be heading over for a BBQ Dinner with the the newlyweds Ashley and Ivan and the Stones family, and a gluten-free peach & blackberry crumble was needed for dessert!
unfortunately, they were not quite soft enough so we just hung out and met the new baby goat Carla!!!
Double Eeyore action
  i bought a bunch of zinnias and some cherries to make Cherry Frozen yogurt.  it's been too long...
this Billy Goat was intent on getting my flowers/cherries as it wrestled and butt its horns repeatedly into the fence.  i was very glad there was a fence.
my muffins
home again home again
should make some prints of these guys
so very very pretty

next up:
we meet Baby Myla Rose Houston...


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