F is for Family and Fireworks

ok.  so my weekend was a little extended.  the weddings did not actually mark the end of the actual weekend.  i missed the Pride Parade once again.  i stayed in all sunday to catch up on work before heading to Diefenbaker for a family get-together with kevin's dad's side of the family, did a drive-by at Bronwen's for her Birthday BBQ and zoom zoomed back home to meet Cait at our place for 9pm to watch the fireworks on our back patio.  Rob was doing a night shift and she was alone with the boys so we had them over for popcorn and fireworks!
 Baby Mack(enzie)!!!  i haven't seen this little peach since Christmas.  i was shocked at how much she has grown.  she is 5-6 months younger than chloe but just as tall and just as cheeky
they became IMMEDIATE friends!
lol Leanne...
 fun with auntie selby
 our lovely hostess Nana Mary
 Gracie with Mama

didn't take photos at Bronwen's.  SHOULD HAVE.  i suck.

we arrived home about 10 minutes before Cait and the boys, with hardly a second to clean up the explosion that has been birthing smaller explosions one after the other.  oh well.  such is life...  the kids went wild running circles around the mess, excited to see one another again.  the adults snuck outside to talk but were quickly followed by the children.  kevin made two bowls of popcorn, we brought out the blankets and enjoyed the undersea laser show
had a great time playing with camera settings!  look at this wild creature!
 finale explosion

that was sunday

monday was reserved for fundraiser work.  caela came over and babysat the kids and KLF came over to help plough through a bunch of the tasks to be done and help me organize my scattered brain cells.

thank you both for helping me so much all the time.  
and thank you KLF for so selflessly selling your concert tickets to come be at the Fundraiser
you've been an amazing friend to me all these years

i love Geminis

almost caught up here

good night!


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