Girls Weekend in Cali PART I

this trip came at a perfect time.  maybe you saw the horribly emo posts i put up for an hour throughout the week before taking them down?  maybe you missed it.  maybe you were one of the many that i called throughout the week...

i'm a seeker of the past.  i'm a firm believer that people have the ability to change...  i am a hopeful person that looks on the brighter side of things, that tries to see the potential in people and the higher meaning behind less-than-stellar situations...

i have realized that my brain is in the clouds.  my dad used to always tell me that i daydreamed too much, one of the reasons he was concerned about me when i started driving.  it turns out, he was right, sort of.  i have a big imagination (great for creative projects, not so much for reality...) and i am a very paranoid individual.  imagination + paranoia + super sensitive = hot mess.  i jump to conclusions and get carried away by the fabricated scenarios that i put together in my head.  i can assure you, it leads to sobbing, confusion, frustration and embarrassment.

sigh.  it was a crazy week.  i'm still finding my way out the forest of my heart and mind...

it was great to get away.  if i had stayed, i would have, without a doubt, been further crippled by high levels of intense emotion.

so moving on to the vacay. 
it's incredible how easy one kid is when you are used to two.  suddenly there is no fighting for mom's attention.  there is no squabbling, hitting, power tripping, and having to constantly decide "who do i need to chase after more?" when they run in separate directions.  they are so much more willing to please and just more pleasant in general!  we took our time at the airport, slowly going through the terminal, enjoying every pitstop.  we grabbed a late breakfast and we broke into the new Hello Kitty stamp set that we grabbed at the toy store.  the flight was a breeze.  she didn't fall asleep but she was super well behaved, not a single cry or whine!

dinner was at New Moon Chinese Restaurant.  i wish i had taken photos but it was a tiny location, dimly lit and i really didn't want to be flashing all the surrounding guests in the crowded space.  all i will say is that i really wish there more small Chinese restaurants like these, not the typical greasy chopstick dive (though they definitely have their time and place!), but a little more upscale and trendy with more awareness of quality ingredients and less everything-soaked-in-msg-sauce.

the next morning we headed over to MC's favourite brekkie place ATX.  Cosette and Luke would be joining us for pancakes, scrambled egg whites, and some crispy fries.
 i will never be able to get enough of these delicious fluffy pancakes!  both Luke and Chloe seemed to have mutual opinions on the pancakes.
i've been trying to remember how long Cosette and I have been acquainted with one another.  thank god for Facebook!  maybe 2004?  quite a while now!  she attended our wedding in 2007 but i was sadly unable to attend hers as i was close to having Chloe burst from my loins.  i did design her wedding invitations, however!  how lovely it has been to share one another's lives over the internet, and  now share our children's lives!  Luke JUST TURNED 1 TODAY!  (or yesterday technically...)

off to do some shopping!  Chloe got her first backpack for school!  Hello Kitty, of course, picked from a dozen others at the Sanrio store.  we hit up Target then to Forever 21 before our mani-pedi appointment!  she talked up a storm with her nail lady.  i relaxed and took iPhone photos of inspirational ideas from the new Simple Living magazine.  heaven!  then it was home for a short nap before our dinner plans with my Auntie Marilyn at her beautiful home in Azusa.
i know.  what a dumpy looking shack of a place, right?  i managed to score a bathing suit at Forever 21 just in time to hit the pool!  this friendly guy is Woody.
i was shocked at how much of a water baby chloe was!  we rarely ever ever ever go swimming and she was splashing and kicking in the tiny jacuzzi space from one side to the other, over and over, laughing her brains out.  would have been nice to get there a bit earlier as we arrived after the sun had passed and it was a little chilly.  we had Sushi Takeout for dinner with some wine.  the wine followed me to the pool, it was awful.
and thus ends our first two days in Cali
just the two of us


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