Girls Weekend in Cali PART II

welcome back to Chloe and Phanie's Selfies in Cali!
apparently the grouped collections were not a hit... i had a feeling i would get complaints about not being able to zoom in, but it was great using my design/layout skills.  
 my mom requested we braid Chloe's hair and stick one of the garden flowers in it for her.  
 eat your heart out mom.  
 these little blondie-red highlights never cease to amaze me
 we did a little more shopping again before hitting up the vegan ice cream shop Kindkreme
really the chocolate is the best.  i got the green tea.... Not so good, Al....
 mega choco stache action in full effect
 i would head out to the patio/hammock during the evening to unwind and cool down.  never get tired of this fantastic view.
 playing with the camera
 and into the hammock
 chloe's first jacuzzi experience.  she accidentally got ploughed over by the jets that were accidentally set on high before the water reached the necessary height.  happy as a clam...
 i wonder if she will always have this gap
watching Strawberry Shortcake while eating breakfast 
The Queen of Unimpressed
we had our last lunch at this super cute cafe Little Flower.  if you are in Pasadena, check it out!
in addition to their lovely menu and coffee, they are stocked with caramels and treats!
noodle salad and vegan BLT with ice teas 
super yummy menu for vegans, veggies, and the rest of the world
 the cafe also has their own recipe books for purchase at the shop as well as online
   pretty pretty pretty!!!!
 we walked across the street to let Chloe play at the neighbourhood park.  it was 100 degrees.
 this is a perfect self-portrait of this girl.  this look is allllll chloe.
 obsessed with lollipops.  this is not an invitation to buy her love.  please...
  heading back home for a nap and dinner before catching out flight back ho me
 i haven't posted the photos of Matty and Pumpkin, but i did try to get a few good ones before leaving.  it was horrible trying to get them together, they had no idea what i was saying and just kept following me and licking my body and face.
 Pumpkin is so sweet.  she is older.  she seemed to catch on eventually that the big black object in my hand had a purpose the required her stillness.  i love these dogs.  was super sad to leave them.
 sleeping like little babies
and then i took a bunch of chloe and MC together that i can not post!



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