Going Monk

on the afternoon of the fundraiser, i did my best to squeeze in a few last photos of me with my long long hair.  i have always wanted to have my hair long enough to cover my rack like a mermaid.  so caela, who had been babysitting, cleaning, and helping to complete last minute tasks, also managed to get a few last shots of the long locks that were soon to be ponied and lopped off...
i can't believe how long my hair was.  i feel like i am only realizing this now that i have nothing.
it's gonna be a long road back to these long locks.  if i could snap some new hair on, i would definitely be rocking some heavy bangs right about now.  

haven't had much time for some slefies with the shaved head, but i managed to do a few the other day.  it's been zero maintenance which is great, there are no options to distract me in the morning, there are no "bad hair" days and ultimately, i just don't care.  on the flip side, i do spend more time on my makeup which has been fun, especially since i have had the honour of watching Oz perform miracles with the very little makeup i have on hand.  i need to get a few things for my wardrobe to soften up this new look and bring some balance.  that's been a little more challenging, but Fall is around the corner and i'm looking into getting a few new pieces anyway :)

been having a great time in Cali so far.  can't wait to share the photos when me and Chloe get back!

hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  it's another busy one in Vancouver from what i hear, wish i had a clone so i could be in both places at once!



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