Last Days with Hair

it's been a little surreal.  i know it's coming off but i am not fully realizing that it's coming off.  i picture it in my head, what i will look like and how it will go down, but i know this is all in my head.  i have been making the effort to take photos of myself during these last couple of days.  i know it will grow back but it's going to be a long time before it gets long again with many different styles as it grows out. 
 nothing special.  no salon visits here, just some messy mom hair in a braid.  still, it's my last days with the hair that has been with me for at least the last 5 years...  at least the ends anyway...hmmm... i wonder if i do actually still have that hair from that time or if it has actually grown out completely...
it would be the same hair that i have had as i created these two little beings inside my belly and that lived in a bun on top of my head as i got through those early days with an 18 month Moses and a newborn chloe.
 now they are their own little people with personalities that shimmer, shine, explode and meltdown
it's just hair, but it's my hair, the extension of me and my life.  a part of me that has brought comfort and confidence when moving through the slow stages of my changing body as it adapted to motherhood.  both these kids have had their share of pulling and playing with it...  they have both told me a number of times that they love my hair as they let it waterfall over their little hands...
 they are so big now, these two wild creatures
sigh.  peanut.
 my sister sent me a few headbands just before i made the decision to go through with this.  this one is a little tight, but i love it and have been forcing myself to wear it on and off while i have hair.  i can still wear it afterwards and rock the newborn baby look but it won't be the same.
 the kids photo bombed my selfie session, but that is usually a good thing.  
 this was a lot of fun and i know i'm going to really treasure these braid yanking photos over the next while
 this one is my fave
still love the wide lens for its crazy distortion and how it makes selfies a breeze
lots of work to do

the summer is almost over
but not before one last trip to CALI!!!!

girls vacay, just me, chloe and my sister MC
can't wait



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