Myla Rose Houston

Myla Rose Houston
July 27 2013

i have waited a long time for this baby.  renée, like many of my friends that have come to be like family to me, our lives intertwined in and out, growing closer and closer with each exchange of laughter and quiet conversation.  this woman was born to be a mother.  with a heart and soul of gold, she massaged me pre and post pregnancies with both my children and basically adopted them as her own until, finally, this little tiny life was conceived and grew day by day inside her belly.  she is here.  after a brutal 30+ hour labour, she arrived!  SHE IS HERE!
i can't believe she is here and how much she looks like her mother.  she has her daddy's kind eyes, but her face and her expressions just scream the face of her mother who i love so very very much.
this went on for some time...  look at her, that left cheek, taking kisses like a champ!
she finally woke up after about an hour.  we had all eaten our share of sushi.
wish i had photos of me with the babies when they were teensy tiny babies
these days, i remember them feeling so long, but they are another lifetime ago now
god i love this woman!
chloe giving snuggles
the lighting was just crazy, i have to play with the editing a little more, hence the black and whites
now if this is not a renée look, i don't know what is lol
 probably my favourite photo of the night
Daddy's Home!
 i can't believe she is already laughing like this at 2 weeks!
nom nom nom

i can't wait to watch this girl grow up
it's going to be a wild ride

in no time at all, Chloe will take Myla under her wing


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