Remembering My Dad

my mom hosted an afternoon family BBQ in her backyard on Saturday in my Dad's name.  a small gathering of our close relatives to be together and remember my Dad.  it was great to have everyone there to support us and great to hear everyone say how they missed him...  i'm so busy missing him myself with my immediate family that i forget how much he touched the hearts of all my relatives during his time here...
my mom wanted to make a poster board on poster paper which gave me a heart attack.  i used one of Emily's frames from her wedding, wound twin around the bottom section and inserted & clipped photos of my dad and family.  i don't know where this stump came from, but it's been in my mom's yard and made a perfect base!

as a photographer, it is so strange to have to gather prints...  we don't do this anymore.  it used to be a very regular thing to take photos over a much longer period of time and then drop off a few rolls to be processed.  and of course, the quality is an entirely different hing.  blurred and soft point and shoot cameras...  i was so frustrated to go through the photos and "not find a good photo", but that's just the way things were and they were normal.  only 10 years ago... if that.
chocolate covered sunflower seeds
Eau de Pit

this was a lovely afternoon

i apologize for the hiatus
i haven't been myself all week

i'm finally feeling like things are going to be ok

girls weekend in Cali with chloe!
we leave tomorrow morning


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