Summer Farm Days

these are probably the last photos i will post here before tomorrow's big day...

i've been super emotional the last couple of hours.
currently trying to put together a soundtrack for the 15-20 minutes of metamorphosis

so far...
if Jade can do it within this time frame
Rough Gold - Can't Keep This Alive 3:14  -  Chopping Braids/Ponytails
The Kinks - Strangers 3:20 - Shaving
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind 3:56 - End

i really love the photos from this day.  it was really nice to take a few hours out of the day, away from the hectic schedule of running around and living in a dump, to relax in the sunshine with the kids and our good friends, the Hasties, at their family farm.

chloe rode her very first pony... in her bathing suit
she was really scared but still brave and determined enough to try as long as i held her arm
and walked alongside her
 i can not get over D's TMNT watersuit
the day was hot and the pool was cool
i'm obsessed with these blonde curls
i had hoped to find an underwater camera for some mermaid hair shots, but it wasn't in the cards.  i dove in anyway for my first swim of the summer before the hair goes
the water was perfect
Em was so kind as to take these photos for me
the Bear joined me.  i love how she is always up for trying new things!
look at her floating on her own!!!!  my little starfish!!!!!!!!
we retreated to the back to pick some vegetables
a farm visit isn't a visit without the kids fighting over/chasing one another on the tractor
they are getting better.  the boys are expert drivers...  they are fully versed in the slow and fast speeds as well as reversing.  it's kind of scary how good they are and how brave they are to peel out at top speed and still able to stop within inches of hitting something
there was zucchini and beans
we filled a big basket and Em gave us a handful to take home
the girls giggled as they ran and trampled over the flowers
this is my favourite photo of the bunch
these two are total monkeys, up and down and up and down...
  HEY!  is for horses
the boys were so cute.  they helped to pick beans and pretended to plant them in the dirt to grow a beanstalk.  yes, still wearing their swimming gear
love these summer days

i'm not quite ready for fall yet, and it is coming way too soon...

cait helped me to make dough for more Change A Life cookies this afternoon
kevin just finished baking them all... all 96 of them

time to pack them up before bed



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