thank you to everyone who gave me support and lovingly mocked me for my previous emo post.  i'm feeling 80% better today.  renewed energy is in the house.

soooo...  the teacher kindly took her own photo of momo's helicopter.
i guess i was a little too quick to judge when she first showed it to me.  i have to say, it does show a level of insight and thoughtfulness.  it's much more simple than the Duplo version, but as we all know, less can be more.  i love their teachers so much.  this was so kind and thoughtful of her to take a photo for me without me asking.
not much to post, but i thought i would share more of momo's Duplo creations.  i really just want to call these Legos but i guess now that we have both, i have to use the proper terms.
i don't even remember what this is but i have a few more creations hiding at the moment that i will try to snap tomorrow 
this guy is growing up too fast.  next year he will be in Kindergarten 5 FULL days a week
i don't know who is less ready for that but i am still back and forth between whether to send him to South Park or to stay at Bois-Joli (both French Immersion).  it's wild how much he is suddenly understanding and actually speaking since we've started.  nothing crazy, but the fact that he is actually actively using french words or actions (lave les mains) without prompting is a departure from last year.  his pronunciation has improved as well.  chloe is at the perfect age where she is copy-catting her big brother so she is coming along pretty nicely as well.   he knows a bunch of the colours and can count somewhere between 20-30.  he's starting to get his shapes and new words for his favourite objects.  today he brought home a mini book with un avion which he pronounces so very very nicely!

i'm a proud mama :)
now if they would just stop pestering and beating each other up all day...


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