Family Life: The Sleepover and Lunch with Dad

we had an impromptu dinner with the Hastie's yesterday night.  they joined us for a lovely dinner that started with rum and cokes and ended with gluten free chocolate cake.  the kids had a riot while the parents chatted over records playing on the console.  upon departure time, Eve put on a show for everyone.  i offered to have her sleepover or at least see if she actually would stay or if she would chase her family down the hall.  mike and em left her hesitantly and although the kids did not fall asleep until about 12:05am, there was no incident of wanting to go home...
 moses "read" Hello Kitty books to the girls after their bath
 they gathered in chloe's lower bunk while moses showed them different cars and trucks out of his favourite Busytown book
 he told them to hold out their hands and ask for their favourite car which he would then generously bestow upon their outstretched hands
LOL these girls don't look entirely impressed but played along anyway...

at 4am Eve awoke and cried for Em.  i jumped out of bed and hugged her at which point she stopped crying.  i held her for about 10 minutes while chloe chatted our ears off, seeing if she would just fall back asleep.  after about 10 minutes she cried again for Em, so the three of us jumped into the car and headed out to bring Eve back home.  it was worth a try!  not too bad for 2.5!!!  as we pulled out of their driveway, chloe's expression fell hard and sad.  she was really sad to be leaving her friend.  she didn't want to talk to me, so i left her alone to be with her thoughts.  we snuggled back into my bed together...
and after sleeping in later than usual, i woke up to the pay the price of getting some extra shut eye.  they had pulled up a chair to the kitchen counter to access the treats that i hide on top of the fridge.  they found some Anna's cookies which they decided to crush and eat as cereal.  a toilet paper roll greeted me as i arrived at their room to find more Anna's cookies (and the box) crumbled all over the floor.  
we had a late brekkie.  while i cleaned up the first mess of the day, moses busted out this sweet train track and then went to make another Duplo machine.
decided to be a kind wife, made a sammich and brought it over for kevin for his lunch after noticing he had not brought any leftovers with him.
we waited on the swings.  moses officially knows how to swing, not just pumping but leaning back and forth as well.
why, chloe?  why is it so fun to swing so inappropriately?  she thinks it's so hilarious...
it felt so good to just be alone with the kids, taking photos of this tiny part of the day and document small pieces of their personality that i know would otherwise slip through the cracks of everyday life
moses.  he dresses himself and for the most part, he does a damn good job.  i think it's his attention to colour and patterns that helps him to choose the things he does.
Hurricane Jane not only has this one hurricane swirl in the front of her hairline, she has about 4 other crowns on the top of her head.  she is going to hate them, i feel so bad for her.  hair is such a joy.
she loves avocadoes.  she could eat two full avocados to herself with a spoon
i'm obsessed with kids' hair
i still can't believe that this hair belongs to MY daughter. so light, almost blonde with hints of orange spice
i need to comb it a little more often
sucking every morsel out of this avo shell
kev arrives and is greeted with huge and kisses
after 15 minutes of being pushed by mom on the swing, they demand more from their dad
it is difficult for me to imagine my life without this guy at home or out and about with me.  that sounds morbid, when really i was thinking about Kindergarten next year...  will he be ok?  how well will he transition?  how well will MY transition be?  and really really really really what the hell happened to the time?  how is it possible this guy is about to begin the next 13 years of school?  have i given him enough tools to get through on his own for 8 hours, 5 days a week?  how is life going to change from that point on?  
he is almost officially a real boy...


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