Final Beach Days

Vancouver finally received it's Fall warning with a few crazy thunderstorms and handful of rainy days. i figured summer had all but ended and that it was probably time to start putting away some of the summer wardrobe and start adding a few more Fall pieces to the drawers.  not yet!  summer still has a few more bursts of heat up its sleeve and it's been pouring sunshine all week!
 i popped by Christine's place after dropping the kids off at school.  i stayed and chatted for 20 minutes before running errands.  she invited us to join her family and a few other families at the beach for what would be their "last beach BBQ" of the summer.  i couldn't say no.  it was a hot day and for the most part, we have not spent enough time outside during these last couple of beautiful days!  not to mention not having visited the beach for a little while...
 chloe found her Ariel bathing suit and requested i pop a barrette in her hair
 this was perfect.  we hadn't been to the beach in a while and i am scheduled to do another mini Beach Session with my friend Tracey and her family tomorrow evening.  this gave me the chance to hit the beach at a different time and make sure i had all the new earlier evening lighting down.
 the water was so warm
 she is less bothered by the seaweed these days
 this has been the best summer.  i learned to paddle board back in July and have had two opportunities since then to do it again!  Rebecca & Dal brought their paddle board down and let everyone have a chance to sail around on this insanely gorgeous late summer evening.  
 this is going on the list of "things we need"
 back to more light and and water splashing testing
 love the texture
salt mouth
as usual, moses was off on his own building  
 it's almost been a year since i met the Pinedas and Baby Jordan who was only 4 months old at the time.

 chloe took her turn on the paddle board
love this light
 striking blues!
 another solid winner 
the other Coco: one of my absolute favourite girls in the entire world
 chloe returned, and Dal offered to hold onto the cam while i took my turn with chloe.  seriously, i never wanted to come back.  you don't even need to go far out to feel completely isolated with nothing but water, mountains, and sky.  the sunset was so pink and purple, the moon was out over the beachfront homes, the water was so calm, the air was so clean, the mountains were glowing, and my little girl was trailing her tiny fingers in the water below.  it was heaven.
 christine took her turn next
 i think chloe was the only one prepared with a bathing suit.  as i returned, all the kids had flung their damp clothes onto the rocks and ran waist high into the warm water.  what a life.  
 god i hope the little boys tomorrow are brave enough to wade into the water like this!!!!
  little Jer
 this is why i tell families to bring colourful towels 
 chilly chloe got in on the towel action.  like i said, none of us were prepared!!!!
 straight from Munchkin land, Little Haden
 also one of my other favourite things to capture at the beach, wearing mom & dad's clothes
 everything got really crazy purple and pink.  i could not capture it, though i tried.
 had to grab a selfie on this pretty pretty night
 i love these guys
this very well may have been the best summer ever


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