First Day of School for Chloe

...well and Moses.  but her REAL first first day!

she's on the younger side, but anyone who has met her knows that she will talk your ear off and proceed to put her feet on you and ask you for your watch or necklace after feeling like she has sufficiently charmed your pants off.  socially, she is more than ready.  we'll see how she does.  mostly i am afraid that she is going to terrorize any little boys in her class but it will be a relief to not be the one in charge of disciplining her!!!!
 moses has me in a whirlwind these days...  he is changing so much...  
 flashback to Momo's First Day
everytime i feel like he is bigger, a year later i can only see how much of a little guy he had been for that last year.  i find it challenging to see him as little when he is forever "bigger" in comparison to chloe.  every year that i feel he has lost all of his "baby fat", i am wrong.  he still has a roundness to his face in last year's photo, but compared to his sister, it was slim.  he is more and more handsome each year, his eyebrows get more intense, his teeth get smaller, and his heart gets bigger.
 then there's this one...  Trouble.  nothing but trouble.  with her "i don't care" attitude, this charming conversationalist can talk her way through almost anything.  with moses, i am in constant realization of his growth whereas with chloe, i can never remember more than the present day.  i look back 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and she is everchanging without a starting point to compare.  i feel sad that i don't really have memories of chloe but maybe it's for the best.  maybe it's better that i don't have the time or capacity to look back much on this little one.  it would destroy me.
 some new swag happening.  chloe is rocking her favourite Hello Kitty headband, boho style, her new Hello Kitty backpack, grey Gap sweater with sequin polkadots, brand new Bunny pants from H&M from Kevin, and her favourite DC hightops.  Momo's got his pirate tee, brand new Shaun White bottoms, and his DC high tops.  these maroon bottoms are my absolute favourite!!!!!!
 waiting outside for someone to open the door, chloe goes fence climbing
Mme Bubbli arrives and greets her new student
 they find their hooks, side by side, and change into their inside shoes
(gotta get chloe a new pair, these ones are starting to get tight!)
  she hangs up her backpack and runs into the classroom without a goodbye
i wave to her from the door, she waves back and continues playing mommy with the dolls
 moses strikes a pose for me as i pass by the outside window

and just like that... i was free!  i was supposed to drop off moses and then come back to drop off chloe at 2pm but the teacher was more than happy to have chloe and moses together!  i went home and enjoyed some much needed peace and quiet before heading back out to pick up chloe.  this week is gradual entry, so she only stays for 1.5 hours.
  when i arrived, they were having circle time and saying "je m'appelle ______________"
we waited outside for moses until he was done.  she finished her snack, read her Hello Kitty book that she packed, and played in the playground.

 these pants are so boss.  
 gotta get some good pics of them before they get super dirty and faded.
(get it? hahahaha)

and tomorrow is day 2!


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