girly parties

i know, i know.  i've been horrible with blogging, just horrible...

my plate has been spilling over and after a few 230am nights in a row, my head was pounding with a headache all day saturday.  of course, saturday was jam packed.  saturday began at 10am with a photoshoot, followed by Emilia's Princess birthday party from 1pm-4pm, followed by despesrately trying to get appies together for Altaira's mini farewell rooftop party in Vancity at 7pm.

so without more details of my exhaustion and excuses for not blogging more often, HERE ARE PHOTOS FROM YESTERDAY!
 Princess Jasmine had all the girls mesmerized
 Chloe in her new "Cinderella" dress!!!!
 Princess Heaven
 Momo maowing down on homemade pizza and fruit
 Birthday Girl!!!!
 i'm quite sure this was the best day of Chloe's life... or maybe meeting Cinderella still wins
 girls went straight to the dressup station to get their dresses and accessories
 chloe found some shoes and learned to walk in them
 a few friendly faces that we haven't seen in quite a while joined the party
 Jasmine and Aladdin serenaded us with A Whole New World
 i will upload the video
 an unforgettable performance
 chloe has not stopped talking about Jasmine
 so pretty!!!!!
 still wearing the heels...
 collecting candy
and one last dress change before heading home!

we headed to Railtown for a rooftop get together for Altaira who is moving to Toronto
veggie noms serenading my stomach into a heavenly trance.  there is a lot of heaven in this post.
moses is also in heaven as he stands unmoving from the balcony while the trains roar back and forth below.  
 linds and kev
 red velvet
 the lovers return from Paris, still dressed in their Parisian stripes.  chloe is doing a manic shimmy shake in anticipation to her first big chomp of her cupcake
 why did i forget my flash.  the girls showing off their pieces of art by moses...
 ... who is patiently waiting for his mother to come scratch his back
 after much eating, drinking, drawing, and dancing, it is time for us to leave
chloe proves more and more that she is my daughter by pouring water onto people's faces at parties
 we've had some exciting times together.  some very good partying days.
congratulations on your new job and all the best in this new chapter!!!!
it's going to be amazing!!!!

you can't tell but i am hammered.  i had to force barf before we left... at 10:30pm...

and 2:48am.  why would today be any different...


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