Happy Birthday Kerstyn at East is East

the universe is great.  i don't know what you believe in.  i come from a Catholic upbringing but over the years, my spirituality has taken on its own life with a little mix of a variety of philosophies.  there is a lot of good energy happening these days and it has quietly made its way into my life in the form of really kind and exuberant  people.

i met Erin when our boys were in the later half of their first year.  we enrolled into the same swim class.  Both of us recall the day when i told Erin, our boys only 10 months old, that i was pregnant AGAIN...  not even knowing what i was doing with this first unplanned ball of energy and suddenly in the beginning stages of creating another.

we lost contact for almost a year.  one day, i was walking home with the stroller and she careened into the parking lot ahead of me and yelled at me through her window.  after losing digits a couple of times and a few struggles to get together, we eventually renewed our connection.  in this last year, our friendship has really blossomed, speaking of which...

Erin and her cousin Kerstyn are well on their way with their flower business Our Little Flower Company or OLFCO and worked their butts off like crazy to help support me with the Change Your Hair, Change Your Life Fundraiser last month (wow!  seems a lot longer than that now!).  They gave their time and they did not take a single penny from the donations given by everyone of the flower-crazy girls that came to gawk at their gorgeous display of head wreaths, boutenirs and mini bouquets.

last night was Kerstyn's birthday dinner.  i had met up with Erin the day before where we enjoyed our VERY FIRST CHILDLESS business lunch!!!!!  it was truly surreal!  Miles, Moses, Chloe in preschool while Baby Mae had her afternoon nap.  she invited me to join the birthday dinner at East is East.

i was in 100000%.  not only have i been planning to try this place out for the last couple of years, but i was also already having an ENTIRE day to myself while the kids went to Christine's daycare for the entire day!  clean house, tonnes of work done, and dinner with a bunch of amazing girls?!!!  BEST DAY EVER!!!
 everyone ordered The Feast which includes, boulani, Kefir naan, Afghan and basmati rice, your choice of soup and salad along with two entrees.  they also have a dozen different variations of Chai tea depending on your precise mood.  the food was so deliciously fragrant i can not wait to go back!
 Kerstyn received her birthday dessert: Eastern Ecstacy
 Eastern Ecstacy: Rice Pudding, Ice Cream,  and a warm Gulab Jamun on top, sprinkled with rose water, pistachio and cardamom.  I know... totally the perfect name for this incredible dessert.  The vegan chocolate pudding with organic cherries and fruit preserves was also pretty horrible.
 i have heard of so many of the ladies in Erin's life, each one of them excelling wildly in their realm of creativity.  Narai here does everything from singing lead for the band The Star Captains , jewellry making, lymphatic healing, and well I can't remember what else but I'm pretty sure that's already a full plate on top of looking drop dead gorgeous.
 Joanna here on the left is a Design & Dressmaker specializing in bridal gowns, alterations and vintage restoration.  She owns her own business in Kitsilano and does really lovely work.  Find her on Facebook or at joannadelaney.com 
 East is East hosts many musicians on their stage in the Chai Lounge.  tonight was no exception!  one of the musicians came right up to our table and after playing Happy Birthday, went into a full on explosive number!
it paired well with the wine
and was well received by all
 two immensely talented photographers are smiling at you right now.  i was blown away by Kerstyn's Portfolio (seriously, prepare to be amazed...) and have been meaning to meet up with Taya on the right from Taya Photography.  we've been following one another for a while on Facebook and Instagram and we finally were able to meet in person!  many business meetings and group projects to be had!
 it was such an honor to be invited to celebrate Kerstyn's birthday with these women.  the energy from each and every one of them was startling.  so warm and open and just HAPPY.
 i even managed to get a few shots with some of them to prove that i was there :D
 this was meant to be...
and this is about to begin!

these past couple of weeks have been a crazy rollercoaster.  so many highs and so many lows, i am exhausted with the emotional turmoil that is created from such crazy fluctuations.  this was a fantastic day.  it was really great to have the kids safe and having a great time with a family that i know, love, and trust so much which provided me time to get a huge workload out of the way.  then, to end that day with this group of ladies... i'm feeling good!

tomorrow, we will be heading out to Hastings Race Track!  I will be doing photos and photobooth for Spinal Cord Injury BC for their Day at the Races Event.  so so so much on the go, things have really been going well.  i am so grateful.


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