Muffins Eating Muffins

 a perfect polygamous marriage of flavours.  the lemon zest excited the tiny poppyseeds that crackled around the soft bursts of blueberry that oozed throughout the rich soft walls of muffin flesh. 
 the morning crew ploughed through their scrambled eggs and toast in anticipation of the muffins
 they were very well received
 she loves being a pretty princess.  this morning she found her Easter dress in her closet.  this has become a daily practice...  she opens the closet and stands on a chair to pull out her favourite, then brings it to her mom who is passed out in bed, cheerfully requesting help into it.
 momo's colour palette never ceases to amaze me.  someone needs to base a make up set based on his colours.  i envy his skin and i fear what hormones will do to chloe's problem skin.  i had quite a few bad bouts of swollen faced acne throughout age 13-14 and again around 19-20.  like full on all over my face, a combination of the painful red ones and half a dozen white heads waiting to be popped.  please god spare them...  TANGENT.
topped with a little smidge of Earth Balance Coconut Spread, these muffins are a winner!


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