Pre-School Updates

GOD I LOVE HIS NEW HAIRCUT!!!!  Thanks Jade :) :) :) :)

today was chloe's second full day of pre-school.  there isn't much to say other than she loves it and she is doing great so far.  i am happy to report that moses has been doing well, too!  i was a little worried that i might have to do more coatroom coaxing, but the switch to afternoon classes has seemingly eliminated the anxiety that came with having to wake up early for those dreaded morning classes.  we'll see.  it's still early.  it might also be helpful that the afternoon class is at least half the size.  there are up to 14 kids in the morning class which is quite a lot of noise, a lot of busy bodies and a lot of energy that gets built up.  moses seems to fare better in quiet environments that allow him to focus on whatever task is at hand.  he is much like kevin in that way.  they both seem to enjoy the comfort and peace of solitude where they can put their busy minds to work.

at pick up time this afternoon, the teacher called me over to show me a helicopter that moses had built today and saved it for me to take a photo.  of course this would be the one day that i forgot my phone at home.  i did my best not to sound like a dick, but the words fumbled out of my mouth "i should show you the one he built yesterday..."

while chloe and i were in Cali for our Girls Weekend, kevin took Moses to the new Lego Store for the first time.  they bought Moses his first set!  up until now, he had been mastering the Duplo blocks.  kevin arrived home yesterday with some Lego mail, which Moses immediately grabbed and absorbed on the couch.  as kev and i busied ourselves, we did not notice Moses take off and start building.

he did not have the Lego pieces to build this helicopter, so he built one out of Duplo.  this is pretty fucking amazing to me.  maybe your kid does it all the time too or maybe i'm totally full of shit, but i'm pretty sure i'm unbiased with how impressed i am with this.  there is so much attention to detail, size, shape, and proportion.  the one he built at school today was like 5 pieces so i kind of felt confused when the teacher brought it up to me.   it was a dinky tiny little helicopter that looked like it was made to be a helicopter as opposed to one built from scratch.
here is the third development of this enormous machine one wheels that he started building last week.  it has gone a few rebuilds since then and is now disassembled in its giant red bucket.  i'm happy i decided to try using it as a prop as part of the ad for the back to school sessions because it is no longer with us and it was quite the sizely creation that we were all swerving around during the last few days. 

last year, he seemed to breeze through the classes, not doing badly, not doing leaps and bounds.  already, since he has returned, whatever he had learned last year, seems to have absorbed or found its way into his new brain!  i can see that he is probably going to excel with the French and i am SO SO HAPPY!!!!  they learned a Rainbow song at the end of last year and he has conitnued to sing it throughout the summer, so much in fact that chloe knows about 50% of it herself and sings it with him. yesterday, i let him doodle in my big sketchbook.  he asked me how to say "if you like something, in french" so i told him "J'aime ....."  and he asked how to say "i like your sketchbook".  i didn't know how to say it, but i figured "cahier" was close enough and apparently made the mistake of saying "i don't know how to say SKETCHbook, but i know cahier is book..."

to which he replied "NO!  book is LIVRE!"

well.  we were both kind of right, but i was shocked that he knew livre.  

they are both going to do well.  chloe is a chatterbox and a copycat, and if she is hanging around moses, she is going to get double the lessons.  i am really excited to see how they progress this year!
how scary is it going to be 365 days from now when she is so much bigger and older
i'm terrified of this child and what she is going to do to me and the screaming fights we are going to have together.  it's going to be crazy.  


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