rearranging the pieces

i feel as if less and less i am here...

one of the things i am "supposed" to do is to stop taking photos at social gatherings.  it is my job and i get that, i should not be blurring the lines...

but this all started with my life and documenting what the life was according to how i saw it.  i have certainly cut back on taking my camera EVERYWHERE the past couple of months.  not only because of this rule, but because there simply isn't enough time to do everyone's photos while keeping up with the rate of photos that had been going up on the blog.  virtually impossible.

so i guess this is just life as it is, here.  my children have become test models in addition to the beautiful characters in my life story.

today was my sister's birthday and it was my job to send her photos and video of the kids all day.  i did a poor job as i had my Back to School sessions today.

this is life.  this is what it has become for the moment.
i am working on finding a balance so that not only can i capture the small moments in others' lives, but still manage to find time to continue capturing the lovely moments in my own life.

 tuesday night, i did my first pet shoot with Miss Colbie here!  past client, Piya saw my Back to School display and loved it so much she inquired whether i would extend the session to her dog.  CLICK HERE to see more of Colbie on The Pauhaus blog
upon seeing how well the session went with Colbie, KLF & Milos brought Ribs along the following evening for a much needed dinner get together.  how incredibly striking is this cat?  pure royalty.

the following night, we had Matt, Renée & Myla over for dinner.  yes, it was a week of dinner with wonderful outside of Tsawwassen friends!  i am pooped beyond belief at the amount of cleaning i had to do all week to make our home look presentable for clients and guests.  i wish i were better at it.
 i am in love with this little rebel rebel
 and i am giddy to see how these two grow up together
 Matt was such a great sport keeping up with Momo's high energy levels all evening
 Jamie saves the day.  Tray bake organic chicken with cherry tomatoes lemon fresh thyme & rosemary,  smashed (yes, smasahed) potatoes with garlic, bay leaves, rosemary.  decided to also bust out this amazing gratin recipe that i made a bunch of times last fall/winter.  butternut squash, apples, leeks, red wine, sage and parmesan baked until soft.
 not sure who took this photo or if it was just a mistake but i love it.
she's already half my size ;)

friday we spent the day in ladner with the Hastie clan and my mom.  went to Lions, went for Pho, digested at Lions and headed back to Tsawwassen.  it was a pretty lazy day... muchly needed and muchly deserved.  apparently muchly isn't a real werd akording tu spellchek...  sigh.  one of those days i wish i brought my camera but knew i had enough on my plate...  crappy feeling.
 so finally, these are two tests from today's Back to School sessions.  they went really well and i am excited to get them printed and off to their happy homes. 
moses is often very playful and willing to be silly.  chloe is either super stoked and pumped or she is miss baditude.  also, her current couture includes wearing shirts under her dresses.  it seems to be a popular trend happening amongst 2-3 year old girls as Eve Hastie is also rocking this trend on a regular basis according to her mama.  sigh.  i love this face because i know it is the face that is going to make me roll my eyes for the next 70 years.
 the last photos i took for my sis today before heading out to the inlaws for saturday night dinner
 this guy is 15 years old.  these two are going to continue to torture one another for the entirety of their lives, but only because...
...they really love one another

i guess that wasn't so bad for a super late night mish mash nutshell of this week!



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