just posted my BACK TO SCHOOL sessions

my days are really just jammed and my ass gets flatter and flatter everynight from sitting here.  spent yesterday editing all the photos for Emilia's gallery, Josette's gallery, and updating the blog.  Headed out to Richmond with Moses to get our hair did with Jade.  came back and continued to finish editing before dinnertime.  after dinner was when i finally decided to set up for the Back to School photos with the kids to create the ads.  I LOVE THEM.  i wasn't sure what to expect but they really turned out fantastic and the kids were both in such great moods!  THANK GOD.

so before we get to the final products, you guys get to see the other shots that didn't make it but that are still pretty friggin hilarious!
chloe busting out her delicious dance moves
(yes i have to get that smudge removed from the camera...)
sweet, silly, and cheesy
handsome, sweet, and feeling pretty proud of his new plane 
no, you may not date my son unless you go through Phanie Bootcamp
no you do not get to know ahead of time what it entails, that would be cheating
plus he is too busy building amazing things to be interested in you not to mention i already have a list of girls that he is allowed to date

and below here are the final products for the framed 8x10 prints that clients will receive
a 4-in-1 composition consisting of two headshots and two bull body shots
i really love how these came together.  i love how this set up provides a variety of looks and expressions that is concisely arranged in a clean and visually pleasing manner.  
decided to forego props and focus on the kids themselves, on their personality and how i want to remember them at this age.  they still change so much month to month, these aren't just school photos but images that really capture their character through their natural expressions and body language.  will encourage parents to have the kids have more of a voice in their clothes and accessories as well as bringing along something special to them, whether it be their favourite outfit, shoes, toy, instrument, work of art or other prized possession.  something that speaks to the NOW.
school photos turned into wall art that you'll probably never want to take down

super super super stoked for this session!

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