sleeping beauty

i have a lot of ideas
i enjoy the role of creative director
filled a few pages in my sketchbook tonight with some cool projects

this one is less cool and a lot sweet

i took these photos of chloe last night
how could i not?

one of the pleasures of being a mom is checking in on your little one
and trying to guess what crazy position will they be in while finally asleep and dreaming
she's a frigging angel (when she is asleep)
i am happy that i have continued to take photos of them when they sleep.  not super often but scattered enough to have a pretty smooth transition of time.  this would be a really great session to do for parents.  it doesn't just have to be Newborns hogging all the cute sleeping photos...  these little ones are still so precious as they get older and learn to become little people.
 Session would include 1 photo a month for 12 months, with 1 digital and 1 print for the office, to hang on the fridge, or on your bedside table.  maybe make it a longer, skinny, vertical shape...  and have make a folding card - sandwich board.  we would take the photo prior to each new month and you could receive the file/print at the beginning of every month so it would be a surprise!
not too shabby.  could have slept an hour ago but got really into this.


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