Steveston with Lola

i met my mom in Steveston Friday afternoon.  we met at Rocanini to have lunch and to also meet face to face with Bev from Wigs for Kids!  i brought along all the pledges and pledge sheets and ziploc bags of hair to hand over and she in turn treated us to lunch!  she had her first London Fog and LOVED it.  the sammiches were less than stellar but the organic lemon coconut poppyseed loaf was sweet heaven!  we talked and discussed future projects and current things that needed attention.  i didn't feel right about doing the fundraiser and then just dropping off the face of the earth.  i'm officially on board as a volunteer!  this is wonderful.  she is wonderful.  nothing better than finding good people with good hearts.
my mom has strange requests sometimes.  she thought this bench was hilarious.
  i guess it is rather strange.
 we headed over to Gary Point to fly a kite
Momo quickly lost interest and handed the kite over to The Bear
 ...who was busy dancing and twirling around
until her shorts fell down... (sigh)
this face.  where did it come from.
 she thinks these kinds of things are so funny.  i don't know why.
 before her pedi is completely gone, i love the colour she chose and how well it goes with her gold sparkly jelly shoes which she will not be able to wear for much longer
we moved down towards the sand and water
  also pretty stoked with my annual pedicure
 it is so strange to visit places that have been a party of your history
to revisit them and experience them as a different person

long ago are the highschool days of sneaking off with friends to drink shitty coolers at Gary Point

good times


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