Toddler Style with Cocobear

this little 2 year old girl, soon to be 3 is cooler than i have ever been and will ever be
how is it possible that she is STILL a toddler when she is so grown up in so many ways?
she IS a toddler still isn't she?  2???  TWO???  2 is still so very very little 
i wish this were my outfit.  she picked everything out or at least gave the OK for everything.  she initially wanted to wear a purple t-shirt and then saw her purple sweats and demanded to wear them together.  i had to show her multiple shirts before she decided that her Gang of Princesses shirt was the one shirt that was better than the purple one.  
 even her little Hello Kitty beanie is perfectly flopped just so
 and the best part is that as she walks away from your boring rules and droning voice...
she is SO HAPPY


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