A Very Special Reminder

This afternoon, we arrive home.  I put chloe down for her nap and moses and I hang out in the kitchen. I toast up two muffins and while I am cleaning the counters, he maows down on the other side of the counter on one of the bar stools.

He points behind me to the fridge and asks:

Do you know who that is in the picture on the fridge that says "Moses" on it?
That's my Lolo
That's so nice Moses.  Do you know who your Lolo is?
...My grandpa!
Do you know who he is to me?
... Your Daddy

It's ok mommy, I'll take care of you

I leave to my room to share on Facebook
Mid-sentence, Moses comes into the room, sits beside me on the floor against my bed while i type...
He wraps his little-big boy arm around me, presses his cheek up to mine and tells me

It's ok mommy.  I know you are sad because you miss your Daddy

At this point I start crying because really... holy smokes.
He gives me a huge hug and I squeeze him back and continue to hold tight to his little body.

He asks me why I am crying and I tell him
I'm sad because your Lolo doesn't get to see what a sweet boy you are and he doesn't get to play with you and make you laugh

It's ok mommy,
you can come play with me anytime you want!  Whenever you want to play with me, just ask!

This was a very special reminder.


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