Awesome Autumn

Happy Thanksgiving again everyone!

today i headed out into Richmond with the kids for Zoey's First Birthday party while kevin stayed behind to attack a few projects at home.  it was really strange for me to be in a room with so many kids in the first year range.  for the most part, i am ok with not having another kid.  occasionally upon hearing about a newborn and seeing newborns, my uterus starts pumping hypnotic messages to my brain to do it again.  it might be the Devil on my shoulder, but science tells me it's just my uterus...  BUT then i get into a room full of little ones that are about 20lbs and can't really walk and still live on bottles or boobs that inevitably stretch and stain my comfortably loose and unflattering cotton top, and my brain smacks my uterus in the... uterus.
 this was my solution to taking a group photo of the resisting tyrants.  kind of hilarious.
 and our little pumpkin here is growing up so fast and turning into a real beaut!
(not that she wasn't before, but really anything under year one is always a little funny looking)
a mini banana cake was made for Zoey's "cake smash"
 she got right into it
i seriously do not remember this stage at all... but i guess it makes sense because i was already 1-2 months pregnant with chloe when moses had his first birthday!  FAREWELL BRAIN!

party was stocked with delicious food from both sides with some Filipino dishes (two kinds of pancit, lumpia, cassava...) , a massive tray of homemade penne & cheese, fruit & veggie platters, potato salad, overnroasted chicken, deli platters and veggie wraps.  The Romano brothers made a gigantic quinoa chocolate cake (2 by 3 feet?) drizzled with caramel.  i stuffed my face.
Jade had put in an order for some "Library Page" buttons for her sister who is a teacher.  I designed these last night and delivered them after the party since I was already in Richmond.  pretty stoked on how fast I came up with the concept and executed it.  I've had my hand in a few side design projects that I am giddy to release in the next couple of weeks!  I'm getting better!
it was after 3pm.  normally i try to get chloe down for her nap at 2pm.  on school days, i have given up on the naps since we don't get home til almost 3:30pm and by the time she falls asleep it's 4pm if i am lucky.  she is definitely coming out of her naps, though gradually.  it was such a gorgeous day i decided to drive into Steveston and let them play at the park.  the last time we were in the area, we had planned to go and I felt like a jerk changing my mind last minute, a slave to naptime.  they were stoked!
 the park was packed (though these 3 photos here don't show it!)
 the park was SOOO packed!!!!
 i can't believe how much she has grown.  this sweater was gigantic on her last year.
 the light was beautiful
 static.  can't stop won't stop this grrrrl.
took advantage of the new coating of fresh leaves shaken off the two huge trees 
 a perfect portrait of these two:  chloe being a jerk and moses being a baby.
and as i drove home, it occurred to me that i should have laid down with them.


really really really really really excited for the family session i have tomorrow
like i should wear diapers because i'm going to crap my pants kind of excited

Hope everyone is enjoying their Turkey/Tofurkey-Coma!



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