Cropthorne Farm

we found out about this tiny little shed of organic goodness via one of Neighbour Cait's chef friends, Dave.  we hit it up this past weekend to check out what they had for Thanksgiving inspiration this coming weekend.  just a little ways ahead passed Westham Island Farm down a little windy road you can find their tiny stand full of their organic produce.
  the kids have a 6th sense for gravel piles
 greeted with some crazy squash
 "etc..." you know for whatever homemade pasta you feel like making from scratch (one day)
and what makes a pumpkin a Cinderella Pumpkin?
 kevin was so impressed with the giant size of these shallots he bought two
 i miss going to the farm for produce.  this year was so much different than last year when we were participating in the weekly CSA produce boxes from Westham Island...  grocery stores are not the same.
 i'm pretty sure leeks are my favourite veggie to cut
 AND they have organic eggs!!!
only a couple of weeks before they close for the season!

Cropthorne also offers CSA Boxes!
Check out their site and their box options

on their Facebook page
or their webpage at


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