Date Nights

so.  as all marriages fall prey to rotting when children enter the threshold, kev and i finally decided that we would start doing date nights.  i think we felt they were underrated, but after 4 years of plugging along and starting up my photography, our relationship was no longer on the back burner, but seemingly misplaced and nowhere to be found.

it wasn't about getting fancy for dinner downtown followed by an extensive evening stroll and/or movie.  it was about the both of us making the time to spend time together.  my days are spent with the kids and usually once chloe is down for her nap i'm cleaning/working until dinner time.  sometimes i make dinner but for the most part kevin gets in and starts his magic.  i'm the planner and recipe follower.  he is the mystery box challenge cook that gets frazzled by recipes.  it's in everyone's best interest at the end of the day to allow him to make something out of the random ingredients we have than have me spaz in the kitchen and panic because i'm missing a vital ingredient.

i work until i'm called for dinner.  i have dinner and do my best to not sprint back into the office.    it's a challenge!  as much as i would love to relax and chat and spend time together, i know that i am on a time crunch.  after an 8 hour day of mom job, i have an 8 hour day or rather evening/night/early morning of photo job.  day in and day out, 6-7 hours of sleep is no longer enough to sustain me.  kevin then half passes out after dinner before wrangling them into the shower or bath and doing the bedtime routine.  that doesn't end until about 9:30pm.  at this point the evening cleaning of dinner and dishes resumes followed by laundry (or ripping the carpet out of the office,  sanding concrete, scraping the paint off and applying epoxy...)

so we don't really have a relationship outside our parental roles.
we have a fantastic partnership as parents and we are a badass team when doing projects, but those are different planes of relationship existence.

this is not shameful.  this is reality.  some couples are a little more on it and others are not.  life with children throws priorities into the fan to be scattered into unidentifiable pieces.  some of us are puzzle masters, others are not.  it has come to the point where our relationship is a priority and that is a good thing!  i have to say, it has been a really big help that we have been together for 16 years (yes this past july was our sweet 16!).

september, we had two date nights.  the kids stayed over night with my mom and we stayed in for low key dinner and one on one quality time.

our first date night, i bought a hydrangea stem and tried out this recipe for Roasted Vegetable Minestrone soup via Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman
don't laugh at the ghetto garlic bread.  when there are gluten free baguettes, THEN you can laugh.  until then, we're stuck with Udi's!
 kevin put together an alcoholic concoction for us
 bright, colourful, savoury, roasty, toasty and delicious
 this is a very kindhearted and handsome guy
and his crazy wife.  look how short my hair was 4 weeks ago!

at the bar

ONCE again, my wonderful mom was so generous to take the kids overnight while we did the impossible and had a nice dinner out together at a new place that turned out to be quite amazing!  having gone by nothing other than where it was located on googlemaps, we got lucky!  it was just around the corner from The Cobalt where we would be heading afterwards to shake some ass for a Triple Threat Birthday party for birthday girls: Lindsay, Alexis and Tadia.  

The Parker: a tiny vegetarian restaurant and bar at 237 Union Street, just off of Main Street.

he had the Bullfighter: Blanco Tequila, Dubonnet & Triple Sec
she had the Hogan's Rum: Aged Rum, Ginger, Liquer & Lime Zest
he's a sucker for tequila and i'm a sucker for ginger

Chilled Aubergine:  Deadly Nightshades, Cilantro, Tamari & Miso Broth
Bi Bim Bap Bowl: Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, Spinach, Black Tea Dashi, Soft Boiled Egg
La Tortilla Nueva: Potato & Egg Galette, Sofrito, Spiced Almond Pastry, Aioli

Flourless Chocolate Cake: Tofee Sponge, Chocolate Mousse & Pickled Blackberries
And I can not find the other dessert but it was fig cake and cardamom ice cream and flat angular pieces of meringue and and and i'm going to try to find it....

so these Instagram Photos certainly do not do any of it justice... so you better hit the link to check out the photos of their beautiful space and delish food.

i am excited to go back.  i really love places that take into account what is local and in season, not to mention the fact that they manage to generate less than a pound a month in waste!  a really lovely place, thank you kevin for picking a good one!

we headed to The Cobalt to celebrate these babes
Tadia, Lindsay, and Alexis
who are these old fools!!!
some jerk mistook me for a dude and kicked me in the nuts. jk.
danced it up to some dope late 90's rap and hip hop with a bunch of my Vancouver friends that i really don't get to see quite as much as i'd like.  this was also probably the first time in 5-6 years that kevin has come out dancing with me.  it was refreshing to see his white boy dancing again!  i had a great night, didn't get sick, didn't puke, didn't pass out or black out and managed to get what is probably the only photo of Lindsay and I together in all the years we have known one another!



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