Dim Sum 90

my Gung Gung is turning 90.  he's heading over to Houston, Texas to celebrate his Eastern birthday next month with some of our other relatives.  unfortunately, Houston is not in our budget.  to celebrate his Western birthday, we met at our usual Dim Sum headquarters, Sun Sui Wah.
 these are black and white because i can not stand the colour mix of the blast of natural light from the windows mixing with the warm tungsten of the restaurant.  so much cleaner and less distracting in black and white.
monster birthday card
 my bro taking charge of the order form 
 slash scantron card complete with directions of exactly HOW to fill the boxes 
"durian face"
 while we were waiting, i was unaware that the tiny dessert balls that arrived covered with a plastic lid were filled with durian fruit.  for those of you who do not know what durian is, count yourself VERY lucky.  it is the stankiest thing you will ever smell.  you would think that it's spike covered shell alone would have warded humans away from this foul smelling fruit, but no.  and to think some people really enjoy eating it.  my dad use to bring it home once in a while and after an hour or two, the entire house would smell of butt & feet.  poor chloe.  i would not have let you eat this had i known...
 of course, everyone else found it hilarious

washing it down with tea
Moses maowed down a dozen deep fried squid fries with sweet sauce
as usual, the kids needed to get some air once their bellies were full 
 my mom went down south to visit my sister in Cali last weekend and returned with some new swag for the kids.  this shark shirt is my favourite thing from the bunch.
i am going to scan it and make a print of it for the house
 seriuosly, look at how shiny his shark legs are!  you can't tell where his shiny skin turns into tight leather pants!!!!
 chloe's wardrobe is quickly being overrun with Hello Kitty... just the way she likes it.  it is so unfair how much of a novelty Sanrio used to be when i was a kid.  now it's readily available everywhere!!!!
 the kids take advantage of uncle james face


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