Fall Skies

we were up early yesterday to meet a returning client at Centennial Beach
 the trees are ripe with fall colours and provided the perfect setting for our little session
no sneaks allowed as they will be gifts for his Daddy!
 the morning sky was so pretty as the sun fought through the thick clouds 
 by the end of our session, the sun had broken through
 i'm seemingly obsessed with taking photos of chloe's hair, trees, landscapes and food
 one of my old elementary classmates, Tim, met up with us.  whenever he is passing through town for wine deliveries, he makes a pit stop for coffee/tea and hang outs.  the kids put him to work pushing them on the swings
 more scenery.  i'm totes turning into my mom.
so fun tampering with the heavens

wishing all my fellow Canadians a very warm and cozy Thanksgiving weekend!



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