Fieldtrip to Westham

wednesday landed us back at Westham Island for a school trip including a tour of the farm that ended in the pumpkin patch with a pumpkin to take home.

i know... i already took photos a week ago.  i could have just left my camera at home.  i have a problem.  i've been doing my best to kick it, i know i'm just making more work for myself within the time constraints that are already closing in... but i couldn't say no.  it was their first field trip, the weather/light might produce something amazing, i'm a fool.

so a few from the day.
(minus the ones with all the kids because i am waiting for permission from parents)

 coconut yogurt with pomegranites and bananas.
 we got our hats and gloves ready in anticipation of another cold foggy day
 it turned out to be quite pleasant.  holy jesus this child is growing up fast.  i love this photo of moses so much.  he is such an even mix of kevin and i, it's so weird and yet so normal that your child should look like you and the baby daddy.
 everyone in their wellies heading into the cow barn
 trying to escape
 out the back to wash their hands
which went surprisingly better than expected considering the fun factor
 we headed into another barn where they learned the different vegetables grown on the farm
my enthralled daughter
visiting the chickens and donkeys
 a quick snack pitstop followed by a race to the pumpkin patch
a few shots in the pretty grass
 a much less foggy view than on our last visit though you can still see it rolling in the distance
 the perfect pumpkin!
 "i'm so strong mommy!" to "uggghhh it's toooo heaaavvvyyyyy" in seconds
le fin


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