Freaky Friday

today was awesome.

awoke to two invitations texts for hang outs at 9:20am.
Nicole & Rook won the invitation by quick draw/text.  We headed out to Ambiente for waffles and then onto the pumpkin patch at Westham Island Herb Farm!

after last year's spooky trip to the pumpkin patch, i was hoping to hit up Westham on an equally spooky day.  today could not have been more perfect!  if you are on Instagram, the hashtag of the day was probably #fog.  it truly set the scene for an festively eerie visit!  my only regret was not stopping to grab a photo of the ghostly fog hovering around the old bridge...
the main area was stocked with pumpkins and squash of every kind and every size
creepy gourds and ghoulish sense of humour
we headed towards the back, passed the animals and toward the pumpkin patch
 i can't decide which photo i like better so you get both
this was a lengthy tractor session
chloe finally fits into Momo's hand-me-down patent leather Benetton boots
(thanks again Katherine & Jess)
also.  Rook is a little boy now.
it was a busy day at the farm with school kids and seniors 
festive scarecrow
it's always so crazy when these kids start out as wiggly crying boob-suckling (yes, suckling not sucking, just to really gross some of you out...) babies and it feels like the younger ones will never catch up.  but here we are with walking talking mini-me's, developing friendships right before our eyes.  
thank you MC for the sweet new Hunters!  they arrived just in the nick of time!
i gotta say, the pumpkin patch was more like a pumpkin cemetery
lots of beautifully textured rotting shells, spewing out their seedy guts
so stoked to have taken this photo just before one of the ladies went running to shoe the kids off one of the mud piles at the back of the patch.

awesome.  so awesome.

i've really been trying to make more effort to do more family time and quality time and i am happy to say that we had a lot of it today.  we arrived home and I SAT ON THE COUCH WITH THE KIDS AND WATCHED CLASSIC DISNEY CARTOONS ON YOUTUBE.  i don't do this EVER.  we watched Johnny Appleseed, Peter and the Wolf, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, Susie the Little Blue Coupe, and The Little House.  it was awesome.

chloe had her nap while i tried to cross a few things off the To DO list.  we headed out to drop off button designs in town, met up with kev and had an impromptu sushi night out, followed by an impromptu skate at the ice rink, followed by popcorn and a movie Hotel Transylvania!!!!  

chloe managed to master ice skate walking in minutes and did not show an ounce of fear of the ice.  no crying or whining or panicking.  a total trooper.

we were there for about an hour and finally by the end of our skate, moses went from nervously holding on for dear life doubled over the bar to actually standing straight up and moving!

tomorrow is another packed day.  Dim Sum at Noon and Kevin's dentist at 1pm in Richmond, birthday party at 2pm in Ladner and heading back out to Richmond at dinnertime to take a few photos for Wig for Kids Annual Fundraiser.

alright 1:15am.
have a wonderful wonderful weekend everyone!



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