Ghost World

Halloween is fast approaching!  I must admit that I am glad it is on a Thursday and not on a Fri/Sat/Sun.  I'd really like it to be a non-event with all the crazy stuff I have on my plate right now (and for the next 2 months), but I LOVE HALLOWEEN and they are at such a fantastic age for it right now that I don't want to just write it off.  

In the spirit of Halloween, my mother in law did a few small crafts with the kids while we were over for Saturday Night Dinner.  she made these really great ghost kites using interfacing, fishing line, and a plastic straw!  she had this special contraception that she used to punch out the faces in the interfacing.  the kids arranged the two eyes and the mouth on a plate, the interfacing was placed on top, and it went through a machine/punch to make a clean perfect cutout.  the interfacing is awesome because unlike paper, it will not rip or tear and can withstand moisture, but is still light enough to fly.

i took the kids over to Beach Grove Park yesterday afternoon to check out the situation with the leaves for an upcoming engagement session and to let the kids fly their ghosties!

Enjoy this spooky little stroll!
bw vs colour
totally different moods 
along a muddy path, moses keeps his kicks clean
we headed to the field...
... and towards the huge tree
the light was UNREAL
and some old Captain set up this incredible tire swing
(a couple were sitting close by and told me it was an old Captain who had grandkids)
walking her little ghostie back to the car

this was so fun.
i'm really trying to fit more time into doing more mini outings like this
i wonder if they will remember this...  at least they'll have photos if they don't!



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