so a bit of a rundown on a few things that have been happening in between the crazy schedule in our home as of the passed week!  our Saturday night dinners at my in-laws have contributed to our Halloween festivities.  the other week, my MIL made the Ghost Kites for the kids that were a great hit.  two weeks ago, she made these toilet paper roll bats with a few treats inside!  the kids drew faces onto their bats, and i guess chloe requested the pink wings you see below.  i had the great idea of hanging these little bats from my Halloween bunting for decor.  
it would be great to make these at the beginning of October and everyday fill the bats with a little surprise (a treat?  a toy?  something creepy and gross? a funny picture/drawing?  a Halloween joke?  the possibilities are endless!) much like a Advent Calendar except cooler because Halloween is clearly the coolest holiday of the year...  have the bunting hung fairly low for easy access and make Halloween last the whole month!  

a small collection of Halloween decor and crafts.  FESTIVE!  Moses used my set of handcarved Halloween stamps I made in 2011 to illustrate his own book about a little Bat named Batty Bat.  There is a family of 5 bats.  Batty goes to a pumpkin patch and gets lost.  His mom hears him and tries to find him.  A cat comes a long and leads the mom to Batty.  They pick a pumpkin and bring it back to the family.  The End.

many of you saw the Instgrams of Chloe's badass Skeleton face.  this was my last minute resort for a costume before heading into Ladner for a free community Halloween event.  moses was my guinea pig and looked more like a puppy.  Chloe's turned out crazy amazing at which point i switched from iphone to camera.  the light is not as bright during these fall days and we were late so they aren't the best, but still capture the awesomeness!

iphone at Ladner with the Skeletonkids
so happy to have cotton candy.  
and this is probably the most recent.  this saturday's dinner at my inlaws was our Halloween night.  after dinner and some homemade Halloween cookies, we went out front where the kids attacked an owl piñata!!!!  this was my favourite photo of the bunch but it just got better!  if you check out her backhand, she is totally giving a full on finger to this piñata!



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