the long weekend started out on a great foot.  we're still madly swimming out from the huge whale of a mess that is trying to consume us day in and day out, but other than that, today was really beautiful and well spent as a family.
i know i know, you are totally tired of hearing about going to Centennial, but it's different now because it's not summer anymore and there are so many different things to love now that Fall is in full swing!  LIKE PILES AND PILES OF LEAVES!
his smile lights up my heart
 this face cracks me up as does his strange little squatting position
 mom got in on the action
 make it rain make it rain
 leaves fight
 Squinty McGee
Grateful Lady
 no beach visit would be complete without some scenic shots
 seriously, how beautiful it remains with the cold weather rolling in
 blue skies and blue water for miles
 after a few errands, chloe went down for her nap, kevin got busy in the kitchen, and i went back and forth between cleaning, setting up a display of a client's newly arrived canvas, and doing some Thanksgiving crafts wtih moses!  he made this owl puppet last year at school and we decided to make a turkey one!  he spent about 15 minutes bashing his fists together making them face fight. 
 also made another hand turkey with feathers and googly eyes.  there is really no better combination than crafts with feathers and googly eyes...  also that's the gobbler, not a tongue but moses insisted on the confusing placement.
 kevin made a cranberry-blueberry lime sauce for Thanksgiving Saturday dinner at his parents as well as a potato-kale-brussel sprouts-bacon hash.  
 AND THIS MARVELOUS PUMPKIN PIE!  the pie filling was made from scratch from an organic French variety of pumpkin that we picked up on our trip to Cropthorne Farm on the weekend.  he roasted it last night and pureed it this afternoon, adding cinnamon, nutmeg and organic maple syrup.  the crust was made gluten-free with the help of Gluten Free Pantry's Perfet Pie Crust Mix.
 chloe woke up and did her usual ritual of screaming and crying and being generally unpleasant and totally resisting any consoling for 20 minutes.  eventually she calmed down and helped kevin to make the maple whipped cream for the pumpkin pie.
 drumroll please.  the beautiful beautiful pie.  it was so frigging delicious!!!!!  and we have more filling and more dough for pie crust so maybe if you invite us over for dinner tomorrow or monday, we'll bring summadiss heavenly pie!


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